It’s Time To Countdown…The Ten Best Episodes Of Glee Season Five

Behold the Photoshopped glory

I know. I know. I’ve been slacking in my posts lately! I’m really sorry guys.

I got into grad school. I’m graduating from college in a few days TOMORROW (June 1st). I am a college graduate as of tomorrow!

I need to find stuff for my apartment. I got work. I had finals and papers due. Hopefully with a basically free month in June before I go to school in July for my Master’s, I can knock out a couple more posts by then.

Especially the one about Rachel’s arc in the latter half of season five. I have things to say about that nonsense. I have a lot of things to say about that.

So I figure with the season over, I’ll do a ranking of the best episodes in season five. Then hopefully once this graduation stuff is done with and all I have to focus on is packing I can air out my grievances over this Rachel plot.

Yeah. That’s going to fun for all of us.

Also for funsies, I’ve linked my recaps (or a post containing my thoughts about the episode) to the various episodes that I have placed on this list so you can get a refresher. One post doesn’t have a link because bad circumstances to the place where I would have linked you too.

So without further ado, here are my top ten episodes for Glee season five.

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The Top Ten Best Glee Episodes Of 2013

Happy New Year’s everyone!

My resolution for 2014 is to be more awesome. Because I know I can accomplish that.

Also to try to update this thing more often. I feel bad leaving y’all hanging.

Everyone’s waiting to break out into song for the new year.

So let me clarify the rules for my Top Ten 2013 list. I will be looking at the episodes that were aired in 2013, only. So that means that from “Sadie Hawkins” (season four episode eleven) to “Previously Unaired Christmas” (season five episode eight) is fair game for this list.

Now this list is entirely subjective. So if your favorite episode from 2013 isn’t on here I’m sorry.

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Top Five Dropped Glee Plotlines That Should Not Have Been Dropped

Hi guys. Ummm wow it’s been awhile huh?

You know the drill. It’s my senior year of college. I’m actually preparing for finals right now. Then it’s the special time when I go apply to grad schools. I’ve been swamped with work so unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep this up.

I’m going to try. I got some Christmas-y ideas planned for the rest of December. Holiday cheer and all that!

But yes my apologies and I’ll try to get on a regular posting schedule one finals are over.

So a couple weeks ago, I had to sit through “The End Of Twerk” because I recap Glee for a living. Except not a real living because I don’t get paid but that’s neither here nor there.


Pretty much the only solidly consistently good thing we had in the episode dealt with Unique and her right to use a bathroom she is comfortable in.

Also Alex Newell sang “If I Were A Boy” and if you have a soul then you have to admit it was a command performance.

Seriously just all the props to it.

Later as I was watching the performance on Glee’s YouTube account, my brain went to a thinking place. Mainly because after the song the guys of New Directions offer to beat up the guys.

Amongst them? Ryder Lynn.

You know the guy Unique Catfished last season? I know that people haven’t forgotten it yet. It’s been mentioned at least once in season five by Kitty.

Why? I think Kitty Wilde has went from uber bitch to the Voice of the People. Which I’m happy for. I love Kitty now.

Anyway yeah I do have to wonder several things.

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Five Tributes That Glee Should Do

Tribute episodes in glee are a thing.

They always have been there and they always will be there. Some people hate it. Some people love it. Some people are meh on it.

They have always been there. They will always be there. As long as their as artists who are more than happy to let glee peruse their song catalogue then they will happen.

Gooood. Goood. Yes we need more tributes.

Love it. Embrace it. Move on.

More often then not something like this happens. At least once in the episode.

The most recent tribute episode was one about The Beatles. There is also an upcoming Billy Joel tribute episode. It’s something that will be done until glee ends. Like I said, embrace it.

Now tributes for the most part can be hit or miss. It’s usually just a bunch of songs crammed in by the artist with some thinly made plot. Ultimately the music is pretty awesome, but it’s really just a filler episode. Oh and then all the teenagers blurt out random facts about the artist/band they are covering. That part always sounds super weird.

Now there are some cases where a balance between song, plot, and tribute is somewhat well maintained. Some of these examples include “Power of Madonna” (season one episode fourteen), “Saturday Night Glee-ver” (season three episode sixteen), and “Dance With Somebody” (season three episode seventeen).

So what other artists should glee pay tribute too?

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Ten Artists Glee Should Totally Cover In Season Five

Yeah. I…I couldn’t think of anything guest star related for this week guys.

Well that and about Wizarding America at the turn of the century.


So I figure that we should talk about the music. Now the website I work for PopWrapped has released like a metric ton of song spoilers if you want to check them out. So I know some of the artists that are going to be covered this season in Glee.

Well at least for episodes three and four. Since you know everyone knows that the Beatles are the first two.

Anyway I’ve done lists in the past about songs I would like to see.

This list is not about any particular song I would like to see covered. Rather it’s just a general thing about an artist that I think the show should cover. It could be an artist they covered in the past or one that they haven’t covered yet. Hell it could be an artist that flat out rejected them in the past.  Coldplay has taught us all they are more than welcome to changing their minds.

Oh my God Matthew Morrison. Why do you have to be so sexy?

And in case you ask yes I want “Viva la Vida” to be done goddammit.

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Glee Guest Stars That Should Be Back For A Repeat Performance

Welcome back to Guest Star Month!

I like every guest star on this list but one. Whoever can guess which one I don’t gets a prize! (But not really)

We’ve tackled the Top Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee.

Now it’s time to look to the past of the show, as we so often do here, in order to think of the future.

In this post, we are going to discussing the Glee guest stars who should come for a repeat performance. Now they could have been on once or several times. I’m not going to be picky. The ones who have been on for multiple episodes are probably not going to be super high on the list though.

So without further ado let’s tackle the Glee guest stars of episodes past who should come back.

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Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee

My favorite bit of glee news is when we get guest stars.

The biggest  casting news is that Adam Lambert will make an appearance (or appearances) on season five of glee and that Demi Lovato will also join the cast as a love interest to Santana Lopez.

I will strut on and be fierce. Why? I am Adam motherfucking Lambert that’s why.

Aww look how cute they are!

As a fan of Adam Lambert, I approve this casting. I doubly approve if somehow his character and Kurt hook up (even for some hate sex). I also like Lovato’s casting choice. She has great vocals and my friends assure me she’s a good actress. (I never watched her show Sonny With A Chance so I had clue of acting ability.)

Well anyway with this news of Lambert and Lovato joining the cast, I was forced to think about which actors/singers/famous people I would like to see on glee. Well not forced but I was very considering of who I would like to have on the show.

I figured hey I haven’t done a list in awhile. My work distracts me from my blog. Seriously I’m sorry about not updating in awhile. I got promoted to Managing Editor over at PopWrapped. Vacation and life always seems to get in my way. Also I wanted to take a break post-Cory just to gather myself.

Anyway I figure that I would celebrate life and September with Guest Star Month! Or something like that. Anyway my next couple posts would be about guest stars on glee.

So let’s start off Guest Star Month with the Ten People Who Should Guest On Glee. Some of the choices (for those of you who do follow my job) will be the same as on this article I did awhile back. Not all of them though because I changed my mind or something.

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