The Final Bow: Let’s Say Goodbye To Lima On Glee

Let’s take all those signs off except the New York one now folks.

Lima, Ohio.

It actually exists is one thing. Something I didn’t know until I was told about. Much like Forks, Washington the real town of Lima, Ohio will probably be known for one thing.

Which is Glee. I can, at least, make a case that being associated with Glee is a billion times better than being associated with Twilight. At least some of the earlier seasons of Glee will be fondly remembered. Twilight is just going to be a general cultural embarrassment that will be studied for years and years to come.

Anyway, this week in “New Directions” we moved on from Lima, Ohio to New York City full time. Glee will be out the titular “glee” club and, rather, we would be following it’s graduated members full time.

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My Top Ten Favorite Glee Characters In Honor Of Glee 100

In any form of pop culture whether it be a book, movie, television show, radio drama…people are going to prefer one character to the other. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s in people’s nature to be drawn to certain personality types and repelled by others.

Even though these characters are merely, as Shakespeare called them, “shadows” of real life; we still care about them. We invested time in reading, watching, and listening to them.

So in the interest of sharing and celebrating, Glee’s hundredth episode I am going to count down my 10 favorite characters. Now this is totally personal and subjective. These are the characters that I personally have loved over the course of the show.

Now these characters are a mixed bag. They are going to one-off, guest stars, and series regulars. Although, if you read this blog or know me, well you can probably guess who my number one is fairly easily. I make no secret of it.

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My Thoughts On “The Quarterback”

I’ve been reading recaps for this episode as I always do in addition to my own.

For the most part, they’ve been positive (though I do wonder how you can honestly critique such an episode, based on such tragic circumstances and not hate yourself for it).

Last night’s Glee wasn’t a story. It didn’t have a narrative. I honestly didn’t know how long it took place.  I know it was the most beautiful, thoughtful tribute that the show has ever given.

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Saying Goodbye To Our Quarterback Finn Hudson

Goodbye, Finn.

The thing about saying goodbye is that it’s a really heart-wrenching thing to do.

I never say “goodbye”. I say “see ya later,” “ciao,” “I love you,” or something of that variant. I never like to say “goodbye”.  It implies a permanence. I prefer to hope that I will see the person again.

Of course, I said “goodbye” several times in the course of my life to great-grandparents, to grandparents, and (the hardest one) to my mother when I saw her the last time before she died of cancer.

Shortly after his death, I said my “goodbye” to Cory Monteith. His life was short and imperfect with a tragic end but a legacy that will inspire love. It is my hope that Cory will be remembered for the legacy of love and joy over the demons of his death.

Now, though, it is time to say another goodbye to Finn Hudson.

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