We Need To Talk About Rachel’s Story Arc In Glee Season Five

Really? We’re doing this again?

I swear to God I don’t hate Rachel Berry or Lea Michele.

I respect Lea: her strength, her courage, her dedication to her job, and her willingness to wake up everyday and do what she does. I respect her talent as an actress and as a singer. I have nothing but respect for her in a professional capacity as someone who writes about Glee for a living.

I was a huge Rachel fan in season one. She was funny and ambitious and kind of socially awkward. She was the underdog. Even though she’s, you know, not real, I still felt for her early in season five. I’m not without sympathy or empathy here folks. I wasn’t going call out her character and be a bitch.

So why does Rachel keep appearing on this blog again and again in a negative capacity? I’m not trying to bash a character. I don’t believe in character bashing. I’m trying to use my degree in English to figure out her as a character. We, at least, learn that much with the degree.

Remember waaay back last year? When I talked about Rachel and Funny Girl? Remember why I said that it was a stupid idea?

I feel validated. I feel so much validation that I could sing.

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