The Final Bow: Let’s Say Goodbye To Lima On Glee

Let’s take all those signs off except the New York one now folks.

Lima, Ohio.

It actually exists is one thing. Something I didn’t know until I was told about. Much like Forks, Washington the real town of Lima, Ohio will probably be known for one thing.

Which is Glee. I can, at least, make a case that being associated with Glee is a billion times better than being associated with Twilight. At least some of the earlier seasons of Glee will be fondly remembered. Twilight is just going to be a general cultural embarrassment that will be studied for years and years to come.

Anyway, this week in “New Directions” we moved on from Lima, Ohio to New York City full time. Glee will be out the titular “glee” club and, rather, we would be following it’s graduated members full time.

For the most part, no one on the Internet seems to think it is a bad thing. Even since season four, there has been a rallying cry for a shift to full New York episodes. Most people didn’t care for the newbies and felt like they were taking up time away from characters they did care about. The new characters were compared against characters that have been, for better or worse, fleshed out over the course of several seasons. Of course they would be lacking in some way.

I admit that I am one of the few characters that liked the new members of New Directions. I liked all of them actually. Yes I drew similar comparisons to what people on the Internet did to the graduated members. But everyone started out as a stereotype in the show and then they were fleshed out.

Yes. I also came up with a headcanon for what happens to them. Will gets the job at Vocal Adrenaline at Carmel and all the remaining members of New Directions transfer there and help him shape the new Vocal Adrenaline.

I enjoyed Lima. It was comfortable and familiar. It was also, to me at least, a welcome break from the New York action which also took awhile to get up and running. Even once it was running, it allowed breathing space.

(No. I am not letting the Rachel and Funny Girl thing go. I’m still annoyed. That’s another post entirely though.)

Lima was also Finn’s story. It was Will’s too, but the way it was shaping up in season four, the torch was going to be passed to Finn.

It wasn’t Rachel’s. It wasn’t Kurt’s. It wasn’t Santana’s. Everyone had their story in Lima and had more or less completed it. They were allowed to move on to New York or Los Angeles or wherever and continue from the person they became there.

Not Finn. Lima was his story. It was his domain. It was were he was going to become a man, a real man.

He was going to get glee club. He was going to study in the borders of Lima to become a teacher. The newbies resembled his friends because it was his turn to put the lessons that Will had taught him and helped them finish their stories. It was also where he was going to learn that staying in Lima does not make him a “Lima Loser.”

So I think it’s kind of sad to see Lima go because it’s the finale of Finn’s story. It’s the closing of the book and the closed the book the best way that they could. Everyone is moving on. Glee club, the glee club that would have been Finn’s, is done. It’s fitting that as well remembered the times past in that room that Finn’s voice is the last one that he hears.

Image courtesy of Tumblr

Will started the club and nurtured it. He wasn’t always successful. Yet he made each of those kids feel special, if only for a moment. Maybe he’s not the best teacher of subjects (even though he was doing fine waaaay back in season one but Will’s character assassination is a different story entirely), but he cared for the most part for every kid in that room. He made his circumstances and, like those kids, did a bit of growing up as well.

It’s sad in a way to see it go. It was definitely a series finale in its own way as Glee shifts to Glee: NYC. Let’s be honest folks, it’s going to feel like a spin-off of its own show within the show.

Yet, it was touching and sweet and nostalgic. It was fitting and a final end to the glee club where it all started.

Like it’s name, the members of New Directions have to embark on a new one themselves.

Doesn’t mean it won’t hurt any less though. It wasn’t the characters that grew up in that choir room. I think every viewer of Glee did as well, if only just a little bit.

Of course, Glee has to remind us that even though Lima is gone we should never stop believing.


You know what that means. Shush let them take their final bow here as well.

Now let’s see if that can carry onto New York.

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