A Heartfelt Thank-You To Glee And Gleeks For The Glee 100th Episode

So in like a day or so, Glee’s 100th episode will premiere.

We’re going to be doing a big week long celebration between both parts of the 100th episode (“100” and “New Directions” episodes twelve and thirteen of season five respectively) on the new website. So you should go check it out.

Anyway, I wanted to write something here to commemorate it. I’m going to try to get out another post as well this week before I go to Syracuse to check out the grad school I was accepted in. (Yeah I got into grad school. Yaaaay.)

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what to write here. Eventually I just decide on being honest and heartfelt and all that stuff.

Someone at work a few weeks ago asked me why I still watch Glee.

It’s a valid question. Mainly it is due to sheer bull-headed stubbornness born out of the fact that I have never reached the end of television show before. For some reason, I’ve decided that Glee was this show.

For the most part, I have kept that promise. I have watched nearly every episode. The exception to this is season two episode fifteen’s “Sexy” because I just really hate Holly Holiday and couldn’t sit through it. I have since sat through the episode and it made me cringe.

Other than that, I have watched them all in some capacity, in some way on the day that they aired. I am going to finish this dammit.

The second part is a bit personal because after telling her that reason she asked me if I hated Glee.

I don’t hate Glee.

I make fun of Glee. I get angry at Glee. I get frustrated with Glee. I scream at Glee. My soul cries in pain at Glee.

But yeah, no, I can never legitimately hate this show. I can’t. I just can’t hate Glee.

The reasoning is simple and personal. I have a lot of good memories associated with the show. I have met amazing people through forums and LiveJournal Communities and a common bond of genuine fanship through the show. Yeah the majority of the fan community can be a little scary, but the majority of people I met are well-reasoned, kind, and wonderful people who just love the show. Some of my fondest memories of senior year of high school are talking with my best friend in French class about the latest episode.

I have three people that I trust, admire, and love enough to consider to be a best friend. All of them have, in some way, had some association with Glee. And there are other amazingly sweet and kind and smart people who are also very good friends that I met by being a fan of the show. It wasn’t the only thing that bonded us but yeah it was something kind of important.

Some of my favorite memories of watching the show is emailing back and forth with one of my best friends, one I met at a LiveJournal fan community and basically took over a forum thread talking with her, during an episode. We both snarked and rage and laughed and got emotional as we watched this show. She has stopped watching, only breaking her bond to watch “The Quarterback” with me because we both were fans of Cory Monteith. We still talk daily. We’re close and I like that. I was never a person who made friends easily because I was shy and awkward and weird.

But she gives me great kicks in the ass and tells me not to mope over myself. I have great memories of watching the show with her and talking about it afterward. She also still reads my recaps in support, which is really nice because I know they make her rage.

My third best friend, I met at the old job and helped her start the new site. She is another amazing and kind person who encouraged the hell out of me. Our first topic of conversation as we grew comfortable with one another was Glee. We talked song spoilers and characters and lamented the scariness of shipping wars.

Glee ignited a passion for analysis of television writing and even wanting to try my hand. I mean yeah the passion was mainly raged induced because wow the writing can be really, really bad. Still it was there. It was something and that something grew into a potential career. There are a lot of reasons that I want to get into writing for television but, yeah, part of it was because of Glee.

I can’t hate the show. I can get angry at it.

I guess I’m a big softy like that. The memories are too fond. I made a ton of amazing friends by being a Gleek.

So with episode 100 barreling down, I guess I’m feeling nostalgic and happy and a little grateful to the show and to the people I met by being a fan. Because they are amazing people and deserve all the love in the world.

This is my thank you to the show. I will gripe and moan and groan and get angry but there is still a small part of me that will never stop believing.

Because when this happened? You have to admit that, for one second, you never believed otherwise.


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