The Best Of The Worst: Let’s Talk Glee Villains For The Glee 100

Hello everyone! Welcome to the opening post of the Glee 100th episode celebration here on The Glee Rewatch Project! I’ll be trying to bring you fun posts in the coming weeks for this momentous occasion!

They’re coming for you in a singing rainbow.

I always had a soft spot for the villain of the story.

I always felt bad for the witch and the ugly stepsisters. I think that’s why I like Wicked so much.

I like bad guys especially ones that are sympathetic.

Villains on Glee are something exists all over the place. Now I refuse to believe that people in Glee will EVER exist in real life. Dear God I wouldn’t be able to function or free because I would be in jail for assault.

Sorry. That was kind of dark wasn’t it?

Anyway Glee villains are a bit like the villains from those old animated shorts except without twirling their mustaches and tying people to train tracks.

Now some people, like Dave Karofsky, I won’t consider a villain. Yes I know that all dickery (supposedly) has a root cause. I just believe that the villains I’ve picked are villains because of their choices versus acting out because of their repressed sexuality. Some of the villains are sympathetic and even pitiable in hindsight, but yeah this is subjective and Dave’s not going to be here.

So let’s talk about the villains.


Do I have to talk about her?

She’s like every other evil Cheerio that has come through in the past. She even had a pregnancy scare with a Puckerman.

Bree is like a gnat. It’s fucking annoying buzzing around your head, then it lands in your jello and you don’t really want to eat the jello anymore. You just wish a bird or some bigger bug comes by to eat it.

Kitty, who was obviously some sort of hybrid demon lovechild of Quinn and Santana, was at least funny and did something cruel. She also, like other mean girls, redeemed herself and showed depth.

Bree is just Santana minus the hidden heart. She’s also boring. She is the most boring villain on this list.

Hunter Clarington

You will want to punch me in the face. You will.

Did Wes and his life-partner, the gavel, have some sort of magical power to keep the Warblers from not being assholes? Or was it one of Blaine’s super special snowflake powers? Either way once Blaine and the Warbler high council left, then the Warblers kind of got really bad asshole management.

Now Sebastian is going to be talked about later in this piece, since I’m going in a kind of half-assed alphabetical order rather than rank them. That being said it’s arguable that Hunter is a rather weak villain. He steals New Directions National trophy, gives steroids to the Warblers, and just kind of snarks at us.

At this point, it’s just kind of dull. Hey if you want honesty, then you’re going to get it. Hunter is just kind of a generic asshole. Much like how Bree is a generic bitchy cheerleader. I wish he was more interesting. He could have been more interesting but it requires effort and better character development.

Though I do admit his ‘roid rage rant about Spelnda tasting like pencils is pure gold.

(Sorry about the quality. It was the best I could fine.)

Although he did bring “Whistle” onto Glee and I think we can all agree that is pretty unforgivable.

Kendra Delmonico

Don’t be thinking I forgot about you.

Okay so I forgot her married name. Her husband was a non-entity anyway.

Kendra was a bitch.

Like seriously, I can truly say that she was perhaps the only character that I loathed. Utterly and completely loathed. And that? That is saying something if you know my feelings about Holly Holiday.

This, however, is not the post for that.

Kendra controls her husband and her sister. She hates Will because he is actually independent of her. She refuses to do anything about her children. She is the brainchild of that whole stupid and cruel “fake a pregnancy” thing. She is a thoroughly miserable excuse of a human being that has no real feelings of affection for others and only cares about herself.

If you could punch any fictional character, I would punch Kendra in the face with relish. I think people tend to forget about her, but oh, I won’t.

Jesse St. James

*smoldering intensifies*

I really like Jesse St. James. Mainly because I really believe that he has learned to be a real boy since his season one villainy. Plus my love for Jonathan Groff has kind of transferred. Seriously Groff is awesome and if you aren’t checking out Looking then you really should.

Anyway. Jesse St. James was a villain. He toyed and broke Rachel’s heart. Seriously the reveal in “Funk” is utterly heart-wrenching since you started to believe that maybe he does care about Rachel. You want the smarmy bastard to lose and when he doesn’t at Regionals, it feels cheap. It’s terrible.

Then well, he does get his comeuppance.

Karma kicks in with Jesse. In season two, we find out that he had to drop out of UCLA because of his arrogance and belief he will be taken care of in college. In season three, he has resorted to reliving his glory days as the choir director of Vocal Adrenaline. He probably had to quit after Vocal Adrenaline placed second at Nationals.

Through this, Jesse has slowly become a better person. He’s still arrogant and brash and a bit of a douche. He is, however, gentler and humble. Jesse St. James of season one would not have talked with Carmen the way Jesse St. James in season three did.

He should really come back.

Cassandra July

Bow to the abs

Cassandra July also had a lot of potential. She, in equal parts, does and does not live up to it.

The idea of her as a young, ambitious Broadway starlet who snapped under the pressure, went into teaching, and became a embittered hot mess is fascinating. She could have served as a cautionary tale for Rachel. I think that Rachel and Cassie come from the same place of hyper ambition, talent, and also diva-ness.

Truthfully, it would have been interesting if Cassie was trying to set-up a life lesson for Rachel. That she should not believe that she is better than everyone else because if you screw up once in a big way then it will follow you and the career will be over before it began.

Now that would have been the cautionary tale: fickle price of fame, the insular theater world, and how things spread quickly.

Instead we have Cassie clearly jealous of Rachel’s talent, trying to sabotage her for the year, and then she drinks the Funny Girl Kool-Aid and is suddenly nice to Rachel.

Sebastian Smythe

Oh hey Meerkat Face!

I like Grant Gustin. Let me make that clear. I think the dude seems pretty cool. I can’t wait to see him in The Flash.

So let me say that I don’t like Sebastian Smythe and that I am confused by his character.

Okay so what I do know is that he’s kind of skeevy douchebag, which is a step above generic asshole. He tries to seduce Blaine and then he injures Blaine’s eye in an attempt to injure Kurt. He also uses poor photoshop to make a blackmail photo of Finn.

Now I have issues with the fact that New Directions decided not to get Sebastian brought up on assault charges. State Attorney General for a father or no, they have multiple witnesses. Or if they lost at Regionals that year would they have done the same thing when they lost Sectionals? Use the story and the recording by Santana to get their way back into the competition circuit?

Huh. That brings up a whole host of questions.

It also appears that very nearly permanently maiming Blaine had taught him a lesson. He just kind of becomes a minion to Hunter Clarington (and takes steroids? That’s not clear…). He also seems to have completely learned from past actions, or still wants to get in Blaine’s pants, during “Love, Love, Love” (season five episode one) when New Directions comes asking for “Help!”.

There’s just no real arc. He changes but we don’t see why he changes. In the end, he’s just a bit of a mess and kind of confusing.

He does have a good voice though. So that’s a plus.

Sue Sylvester

Oh dear. Hi Sue. Let’s chat.

Yeah. You all know she was coming.

Sue is interesting as a character. She swings back between enemy and friend to New Directions.

Although she is more enemy to them then anything else. They’ve had her do the swap so many times that it’s kind of boring when she does it. No one is surprised by it.

Now I will say that Sue is multifaceted. Just when people think she is irredeemable she reveals a side to herself that is surprising and touching. In season one, I can name her visit with her sister Jean in “Wheels” (episode nine) and providing funding for New Directions in “Journey to Regionals” (episode twenty-two). Those softer moments are actually some of my favorites in the whole series.

Also, on a personal note, I think Jane Lynch was robbed of an Emmy for her performance in “Funeral.” Yeah I know Glee is technically classified as a Comedy. But yeah piss on that, she deserved something for it. It was one of her best performances to date as Sue.

Sue, as a villain, relishes her villainy. She is genre savvy enough to know that everyone needs someone to oppose them. Then it makes their victory all the sweeter. So, for some reason, she chooses New Directions and Will Schuester as her enemy. She does everything in her power to make them miserable, get them disbanded, sabotage them, pit them against each other, spy on them to destroy them.

I never really understood her motivations past the first and second seasons for this. It kind of made sense in seasons one and two because you know money. They took her funding. I even understand it a bit for season four because Finn did, in anger, insult her child. He did apologize for it though later. Sometimes Sue does need to be the bigger person.

I actually kind of wish season three Sue would have stayed around when she was helping the glee club. It would have been nice to see someone guide Finn. Speaking of, her regret at not being nicer  to Finn in “The Quarterback” (season five episode three) also showed her human side and was a fascinating nod at acknowledging what could have been. Admitting that she did like someone and regretting that she never told that to them was interesting for her character.

Her frenemies relationship with Will Schuester is interesting. Though, I prefer them as friends to enemies. Those two could do a lot of great things if they weren’t trying to destroy the other. Also I love their unreleased duet on “Mister Monotony” and their performance of “Cheek to Cheek” in “Puppet Master” (season five episode seven).

As for Sue, I just don’t really know what they’ll do with her anymore. I mean she is going to New York. What she’ll do there? I have no clue. They’ll make up something for her to do I’m sure. There is a really good choice that, like always, she’ll be the villain of the piece.

Maybe, though, without a glee club to constantly try to sabotage she’ll actually develop more in terms of character. I’m really hoping for something new and different from Sue rather than the same old, same old. Even heroes can get tired when their villains try to repeat their old tricks.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: I continue my 100th episode celebration. Next list will be my Top 10 Favorite Characters.

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