Top Five Dropped Glee Plotlines That Should Not Have Been Dropped

Hi guys. Ummm wow it’s been awhile huh?

You know the drill. It’s my senior year of college. I’m actually preparing for finals right now. Then it’s the special time when I go apply to grad schools. I’ve been swamped with work so unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep this up.

I’m going to try. I got some Christmas-y ideas planned for the rest of December. Holiday cheer and all that!

But yes my apologies and I’ll try to get on a regular posting schedule one finals are over.

So a couple weeks ago, I had to sit through “The End Of Twerk” because I recap Glee for a living. Except not a real living because I don’t get paid but that’s neither here nor there.


Pretty much the only solidly consistently good thing we had in the episode dealt with Unique and her right to use a bathroom she is comfortable in.

Also Alex Newell sang “If I Were A Boy” and if you have a soul then you have to admit it was a command performance.

Seriously just all the props to it.

Later as I was watching the performance on Glee’s YouTube account, my brain went to a thinking place. Mainly because after the song the guys of New Directions offer to beat up the guys.

Amongst them? Ryder Lynn.

You know the guy Unique Catfished last season? I know that people haven’t forgotten it yet. It’s been mentioned at least once in season five by Kitty.

Why? I think Kitty Wilde has went from uber bitch to the Voice of the People. Which I’m happy for. I love Kitty now.

Anyway yeah I do have to wonder several things.

1) Didn’t Ryder quit glee club last season in “All Or Nothing”? This is something that I remember happening.

2) Okay let’s say he did get over it off screen. (I will defend my position that I think Finn was supposed to bring Ryder back into the fold but they scrapped the plot for tragically obvious reasons.) Are they really at the point were they can joke about it?

3) If they can joke about, then shouldn’t their be a scene between Unique and Ryder? Just giving some closure?

Then it hit me.

Ooooh. Ryder-Unique is going to be a dropped storyline.

What? I was actually shipping it okay?

Glee is notorious for these things. A dropped storyline is something that his been brought up in a show, time has put into it, and it will never be mentioned again. Or something is brought up suddenly, a whole episode is devoted to it, and then poof! It’s into the ether.

Why? Boredom, sudden change in direction, something like that. I think it’s mainly a combo of boredom, poor writing, and I don’t think the writers on Glee communicate with each other effectively.

So here are the Top Five Dropped Glee Plotlines That Should Not Have Been Dropped.

Why five? Because if I have to do Top Ten my blood pressure may not be able to take it.

5) Sam’s Dyslexia

Oh Sammy what did they do to you?

Sam Evans is a fascinating character to talk about broach about the subject of dropped story lines with. There have been so many different directions the character has been taken that it makes my head spin. He was a nerd in the body of the cool guy. He plays quarterback but not anymore after he gets better. Weren’t he and Quinn like kind of sort of engaged? Oh he was also originally intended to be Kurt’s boyfriend rather than Blaine.

Then there are the money troubles of the Evans family.

…Where is Sam living by the way? Hello? Bueller?

Any one of those story lines would have been enough to land on this list.

The oddest thing that got dropped is well Sam’s dyslexia.

Because rather than having dyslexia and working through it, Sam’s just kind of…um…I really don’t want to use dumb. Let’s just say that he’s embodying the brainless blonde. Now if he just didn’t like school that was one thing. Some kids just do not response to school. That’s okay. Everyone’s brain works different.

But now in season two episode one “Audition,” Sam specifically said that he had dyslexia and his grades were not that great but he was working on it.

Then from season two to season five, Sam had went downhill and just became pretty to look at but part of wonders if he even knew basic addition.

It’s just frustrating because they brought back the dyslexia storyline with Ryder Lynn in season four.

It’s not your fault Ryder. It’s just bad writing.

You know what? They did it in one episode (season four episode seven “Dynamic Duets”) then they mentioned it several other times. They said that Ryder was getting help for his dyslexia. Okay then.

What about Sam’s dyslexia?! DOES NO ONE CARE?! Is he just…

He put a cat in his backpack for days and left her in his locker.

I don’t…how can he function? They totally dropped something legitimate and could have Sam work to get better in school but no.


Also he wants to be a male model so his junk can be a size of a small car. Okay Sam. Live the dream.

Okay moving on.

4) Marley’s Eating Disorder

So much potential.

Remember in the first half of season four when Marley got that eating disorder? And it actually looked like for a change that Glee was going to follow through on it.

They had fallout. They talked about it. They had her going to therapy (season four episode ten “Glee, Actually”). She was getting help.

Then in season four, episode twenty-one “Wonder-ful,” Mercedes to Marley that it waxs the lack of power in her voice that lead to their defeat at Sectionals.

No. It was the fact that she had an eating disorder that led to her fainting which led to them forfeiting that had them lose Sectionals.

But you know what? Maybe Mercedes didn’t know. I can’t see how but maybe.

Then “A Katy Or A Gaga” happened.

Sam said these words.



To totally demonstrate the hypocrisy here, look at this gif set which compares Artie being uncomfortable with his body versus Marley.

Like I said, Marley had an eating disorder. Of course she’s not going to be a-okay about wearing a fucking seashell bikini.

Which means the following: Marley having an eating disorder? Boring. Let’s do something else.

This also shows how differently the show treats girls versus guys. Oh God though that is something totally different for another day. Marley isn’t the type of person to throw her struggles into other people’s faces.

But girl in this case? You really should have.

3) Joe And Sugar: Poor Kids

But seriously where are they?

Okay this bothered me last season, too. I know that their contracts were ended? Or something like that.

I know that Vanessa Lengies is filming Mixology for ABC.

She’s playing a waitress? Or a bartender.

I know that Samuel Larsen has since cut off his dreads, gotten even hotter in the process, and is doing some music stuff. Not sure what kind of music stuff but I know it’s happening.

Like I said even hotter.

Now Sugar, Joe, and Brittany were kind of being phased out last season thanks to Asian bird flu? Or whatever has been happening. It’s not a huge surprise that they’re not involved this season. Still though they were involved in “All Or Nothing” and then gone by “Love, Love, Love.” Just something! Say that they quit or transferred or something. That’s the annoyance here. They disappear and we never hear from them again.

Also Sugar and Artie broke up? When did that happen? I mean it happened but when? I just…it’s so aggravating.

2) Are We Ever Going To Mention What Happened to Ryder and Kitty Again?

Yep. I’m bringing this up.

If you don’t remember in season four episode twenty “Lights Out,” it was revealed that both Kitty and Ryder were survivors of sexual abuse. Now maybe they’ll bring it up again. But at this point? I don’t have a whole lot of hope.

This is majorly annoying. They bring up a tough, hard-hitting, and very real storyline of sexual abuse for one episode. They don’t really give the storyline the justice it deserves within that episode. That episode was not very well written or put together. Then they pair Kitty with Artie, who with Sam said that Ryder was lucky for being sexually abused by his babysitter at age twelve and never apologize to Ryder for it. Nevermind the fact that Kitty is a victim of sexual abuse and went to Ryder to help him.

Seriously why didn’t she read Artie the riot act at least?

I mean if they are going to be a legitimate couple then this storyline has to come back. It’s something that will need to be brought up again in some context.

Still episodes later in season five, I understand that we had a lot of heavy stuff to deal with in light of Cory’s death. Yet still I have a feeling as the time passes that this will just be something pushed to the side never to be mentioned.

1) What Ever Happened To Dave Karofsky?

Oh. Dave.

So the last time we see Dave, he’s recovering from his suicide attempt in a hospital and visualizing a potential future with Kurt as his guide. It was a heartbreaking yet hopeful scene performed amazingly well by Max Adler and Chris Colfer. Dave has a long road to recovery and it’s going to hurt but he’s alive.

So it pisses me off that we never see Dave again.

No legitimately this has pissed me off for years. I mean just MENTION the guy. He and Kurt said that they were going to be friends and after what the guy went through Kurt hopefully was going to keep in contact. You can have Kurt mention talking to him. But you can’t just leave Dave in the hospital bed after trying to kill himself.

I mean the writers clearly did but it’s an insult to the character and Kurt. It would have been nice to ultimately just get a mention of how Dave was doing or for Kurt to say they were still in contact.

But rather Dave and his story was dropped when there was still a lot to tell with the character. Is he in college now? Does his mom still hate him? How is he doing?

Just something after “On My Way” (season three episode fourteen) would have been a much more satisfying conclusion to his story.

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2 comments on “Top Five Dropped Glee Plotlines That Should Not Have Been Dropped

  1. Robby says:

    I don’t necessarily agree that Sam’s dyslexia is a dropped plotline. When Sam was introduced, he had already been diagnosed and was dealing with it. There’s not necessarily anything else to say about it. I would have liked, however, to have seen some kind of scene between Sam and Ryder after Ryder was diagnosed.

    I agree about everything else, though. I’m guessing that Sugar and Joe might be back as guest stars at some point (maybe nationals), but at least give us some explanation for their absence. Recurring guest stars who play glee club members always make for an awkward situation, since you always wonder why the heck they wouldn’t be at school. They way they’ve treated Marley post-diagnosis is unforgivable. Likewise, Kitty and Ryder should still be experiencing consequences of their abuse, especially given the terrible reactions of their “friends” to being told about it. And Karofsky… His attempted suicide scene is one of the most powerful things that Glee has ever done, but they didn’t properly follow up with it… which, as you mentioned, is a recurring habit with this show.

  2. Will says:

    I agree with all of these. I can’t believe that they didn’t put Ryder and Kitty together. They had the perfect set up just after making Kitty a good guy and breaking Ryder’s heart. In addition to your list, I was also really attached to the idea that Sam had body issues or eating disorder too. There are moments when it seemed the writers really want us to assume this—The Rocky Horror Glee Show obviously, but also in Naked, when Sam starts to obsessively work out, and Movin’ Out, when he’s told he needs to lose 10 pounds to be a model. I sort of wanted it to turn into a whole, written-in, diagnosed plot though because he seems to really be struggling in those glimpses we get, and male eating disorders is such an important topic that is underdone, but almost touched on by Glee. Anyway, when Sam accused Marley of not being in her seashell bikini that felt extra insensitive because he complained when he had to wear uncomfortable clothing in the past, and he should have been supporting her right to control what she wears and helping her stay strong. My rant.

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