My Thoughts On “The Quarterback”

I’ve been reading recaps for this episode as I always do in addition to my own.

For the most part, they’ve been positive (though I do wonder how you can honestly critique such an episode, based on such tragic circumstances and not hate yourself for it).

Last night’s Glee wasn’t a story. It didn’t have a narrative. I honestly didn’t know how long it took place.  I know it was the most beautiful, thoughtful tribute that the show has ever given.

It was an exploration of grief and grieving that at times felt blurred between the character and the actor. It left me feeling scrubbed clean and a bit voyeuristic. It wasn’t the characters grieving, it was the actors grieving.

Everyone lost a friend, a companion. Sue was right when she said that “there is no lesson to be learned here.”

I think that’s why the writers (all three show creators for the first time since “Showmance”) made the choice not to share Finn’s death. If they did, then there was the chance that the show would just turn into a lesson.

There is no lesson to be learned here. Someone close to them all has died. There is nothing to be critiqued here because no one has the right to critique grief, real grief. You don’t.

By inviting us to mourn with them, it felt like there was permission given to actually mourn. During the episode, it was just an hour long cry fest. I barely remember writing my recap for work. I remember feeling raw and open on the inside. I remember typing it and asking my friend (who is really the greatest friend ever and still reads my recaps and this blog even if she doesn’t watch Glee anymore) to stay up with me while I finished it.

I remember draining a glass of wine and crawling into bed.

Then I woke up this morning and looked outside the window. I put on my iPod and “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” came on.

I didn’t cry though. I just smiled a little and started singing as I got ready for my day.

The loss of Cory, the loss of Finn, is something that will probably knock around in my head for a long time. I will always be a Gleek. It’s too closely tied to who I am and to many good, wonderful memories.

Now we’ve had permission to grieve with the cast. It’s now time to move on. It’s permission to enjoy the show again, really enjoy the show again.

So with this…statement? I’m not sure what this outside my own rambling. I’ll leave you with one of my personal favorite of Finn’s songs.


2 comments on “My Thoughts On “The Quarterback”

  1. Angasa says:

    Stopped watching glee after season three but had to tune in for this. It was a wonderful tribute. So many of the cast were touched by him, you could tell it was all real and raw emotion. I didn’t know him of course but I think he led a beautiful life.

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