Ten Artists Glee Should Totally Cover In Season Five

Yeah. I…I couldn’t think of anything guest star related for this week guys.

Well that and about Wizarding America at the turn of the century.


So I figure that we should talk about the music. Now the website I work for PopWrapped has released like a metric ton of song spoilers if you want to check them out. So I know some of the artists that are going to be covered this season in Glee.

Well at least for episodes three and four. Since you know everyone knows that the Beatles are the first two.

Anyway I’ve done lists in the past about songs I would like to see.

This list is not about any particular song I would like to see covered. Rather it’s just a general thing about an artist that I think the show should cover. It could be an artist they covered in the past or one that they haven’t covered yet. Hell it could be an artist that flat out rejected them in the past.  Coldplay has taught us all they are more than welcome to changing their minds.

Oh my God Matthew Morrison. Why do you have to be so sexy?

And in case you ask yes I want “Viva la Vida” to be done goddammit.

10) Fall Out Boy

Let me love you forever!!!!

Fall Out Boy defined my teenage years. I am not even lying. It was because of them that the whole “emo” music movement got started. Plus they have just gotten back together and released an album.

I will admit freely that they’re on here because I love them so freaking much.

They kick ass. I’ve been a fan for years. Anyway Glee covers genre defining musicians. I can definitely make a good argument that is exactly where the band falls. They defined a genre, made guyliner socially acceptable, and made a lot of awesome songs (with indecipherable lyrics I am looking at you “Sugar We’re Going Down”).

Now I do admit that Fall Out Boy’s sound does not mesh well with Glee’s whole thing. This is the show that has done Paramore, Radiohead and Marina and The Diamonds. They’re also having Adam Lambert guest star and I would love to hear him cover an Fall Out Boy song.

Potential Songs: “What A Catch, Donnie”, “Young Volcanoes”, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles (A Little More Touch Me)”, “Dance, Dance”, “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered:“Young Volcanoes”, “Dance, Dance”

9) No Doubt

Just hanging super casual guys seriously.

Speaking of another group that defined my adolescence (well continuing adolescence because apparently we’re adolescences until we’re thirty).

Why hasn’t Glee done MORE No Doubt? I mean it actually kind of boggles my mind. Yeah they did “Don’t Speak” in “The Break-Up” (season four episode four) but still…

They were an insanely popular band in the 90s. They still have awesome songs that capture teenage angst and love and all that stuff. Gwen freaking Stefani! She was the most kickass female lead in a band in years.

Yes there others but Stefani ruled the nineties. Do not even lie.

So the fact that Glee has yet to cover this is a tragedy and should be rectified. Nothing from their new album though. I didn’t really like it that much.

Potential Songs: “Just A Girl”, “Excuse Me Mister”, “Sunday Morning”, “Hella Good”, “Hey Baby”, “Underneath It All”, “Spiderwebs”, “Tragic Kingdom”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Underneath It All”, “Just A Girl”, “Spiderwebs”

8) Demi Lovato

You are so adorable. Seriously. I just want to hug her.

What? They’ve already acknowledged that she exists. They did her song “Give Your Heart A Break” last season (“The Break-Up”). Just because that she is guest starring doesn’t mean they can’t use her body of work. A lot of her songs are insanely catching or very moving.

I admit I only know a little bit of her prospective body of work but what little I do know I really like. It would work with a lot of the voices on the show.

Potential Songs: “Skyscraper”, “Really Don’t Care”, “Heart Attack”, “Made In The USA”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Skyscraper”

7) Panic! At The Disco

Rock on boys!

Again another band I love. If Fall Out Boy helped define a genre then Panic! At The Disco came in and made you love it. Despite band changes and a constantly evolving sound, Panic! has a great body of work to choose from.

There is a lot of evolution to their work that reflects the band members themselves growing up. Glee is a show that is pretty much about growing up. So I can see a comparison to be drawn there.

Mainly though it’s just something I always wanted to see happening. Just so badly.

Potential Songs: “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, “Nine In The Afternoon”, “Northern Downpour”, “The Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)”, “New Perspective”, “Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)”, “Sarah Smiles”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Nine In The Afternoon”, “Northern Downpour”, “Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)”

6) Avril Lavigne

I have no shame in this.

They covered her in season one! The whole “Keep Holding On” (season one episode seven”Throwdown” ) sequence?  Plus all of her songs about being young and relationship drama fit in perfectly with the show. I mean it definitely goes with the over dramatic at times emotions of being a teenager in love.

Avril I will admit is a guilty pleasure for myself. It doesn’t make her songs less true to being young and kind of insane.

Plus it would make me laugh trying to see some these kids be “punk” please their hearts.

Potential Songs: “My Happy Ending”, “Complicated”, “Sk8ter Boi”, “Here’s To Never Growing Up”, “Girlfriend”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “My Happy Ending”, “Complicated”,  “Sk8ter Boi”

5) Janelle Monae

Electric Ladies are you ready?

I like Janelle Monae. She owns who she is and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Plus I love her hair and her suits. She always looks really awesome.

So I feel kind of bad that I’m only putting her on here because of two very recently released songs for her. I think they would fit in with the show. Her other albums are just so high concept that you need everything to feed into each other. These two songs can just stand on her own. They would be fun to watch and fun to do.

There is a lot of energy in what she does. I’m a big big fan of energy and good music. She gives us both.

Potential Songs: “Dance Apocalyptic”, “Q.U.E.E.N.”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Dance Apocalyptic”

4) Paramore

I wish I could pull off Hayley Williams hair color. It would just make me look like Bozo the Clown though.

Okay there is a lot of behind the scenes drama that I feel like I should mention. So I’m mentioning it. Glee covered Paramore in season two (episode two “Britney/Brittany) with “The Only Exception.” It’s a really beautiful earnest song that was definitely a nice fresh ending for the ears. I have my issues with Rachel singing in the genre of Fall Out Boy/Panic!/Paramore but she did a good job there.

The fact is that Paramore has a lot of great music about the pains of growing up and growing out. There is a lot about heartbreak and love and just tumultuous-ness of being in your teens and twenties and having zero fuck all clue what to do with yourself.

In season five, I am so willing to bet that these feelings will hit the majority of the members of New Directions.

Potential Songs: “Misery Business”, “For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic”, “Ignorance”, “Grow Up”, “Still Into You”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Misery Business”, “Still into You”

3) Taylor Swift

Someone has been having fun with her Instagram filter.

I will admit that Taylor Swift is not my favorite artist in the world. I will also admit that her latest album, Red, is definitely a favorite album of mine. Plus they covered two of her songs “Mean” (season three episode twenty “Props”) and “Mine” (season four episode four “The Break-Up”) and they were both awesome.

So if glee should definitely cover her again in the future. I think her music can definitely be a repeat winner.

Potential Songs: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “22”, “You Belong With Me”, “Our Song”, “Red”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “22”

2) The Mowgli’s

This is the story of a band called Mowgli’s.

This is the best band that you’ve probably never heard of.  I’m serious their album for this year Waiting For The Dawn is awesome. The mission for the Mowgli’s is very simple: they want to use music to make people happy. All of their songs have this kind of relentless positive outlook on life. They’re breezy, fun, and give you the feeling of summer.

It has a lot of strong appeal for a variety of outlooks on life. So far nearly everyone I introduced to The Mowgli’s have loved them. And I have a diverse, eclectic group of friends with a wide, wide range of musical tastes. So that is a huge endorsement.

Plus there are eight members in the band. It allows itself for a choir to sing.

Potential Songs: “San Francisco”, “Clean Light”, “The Great Divide”, “Waiting For The Dawn”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “San Francisco”

1) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I am not going to make a Thrift Shop joke.

I will admit that I am a very casual fan of rap. It’s never really been my genre. I was always an alternative rock kind of girl. This isn’t to say that I don’t like rap. I do. Rap has a lot of interesting wordplay that is well fascinating to an English major’s ears.  I will say that I am a huge fan of Macklemore. He has a very slick sense of words and the rhymes are just excellent. Add that into Ryan Lewis’ amazing production? Let’s just say that when I first heard “Thrift Shop”? I was definitely in very much like after it.

Then I heard “Same Love” and there were tears.

Glee has covered some rappers with varying degrees of success. I say the most successful was “Empire State Of Mind” (season two episode one “Audition”). They do try and bless them even if they fail at least the results are hilarious.

Okay. I’ll be honest. I just really want glee to cover “Same Love”. It is just the rap that is so so so perfect with the message of this show. You can do it! I have this acapella version on my iPod that is just gorgeous.

Potential Songs: “Thrift Shop”, “Can’t Hold Us”, “Same Love”

Song That Will Most Likely Be Covered: “Thrift Shop”, “Same Love”

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Top Ten Tributes that should be done.

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  1. Ummm Glee did cover No Doubt. In 4×04 ‘The Break Up’ Klaine and Finchel sang ‘Don’t Speak’.

  2. Demi Lovato i wish i can see you and i could
    Mett with you to from Sheree Castellanos

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