Glee Guest Stars That Should Be Back For A Repeat Performance

Welcome back to Guest Star Month!

I like every guest star on this list but one. Whoever can guess which one I don’t gets a prize! (But not really)

We’ve tackled the Top Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee.

Now it’s time to look to the past of the show, as we so often do here, in order to think of the future.

In this post, we are going to discussing the Glee guest stars who should come for a repeat performance. Now they could have been on once or several times. I’m not going to be picky. The ones who have been on for multiple episodes are probably not going to be super high on the list though.

So without further ado let’s tackle the Glee guest stars of episodes past who should come back.

5) Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker)

I wanna have a kiki.

What? I loved Isabelle. Sure she was like Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 except slightly more neurotic. She was fabulous though. An embodiment of the fairy tale of New York. All of her scenes with Kurt were just adorably encouraging. You really felt like she was in his corner.

All of her numbers were a blast too. We had the makeover sequence with “The Way You Look Tonight/Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” in “Makeover” (season four episode three). There was a drag queen Thanksgiving with “Let’s Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time” in “Thanksgiving” (season four episode eight).

Plus my favorite musical number of all of season four was “At The Ballet” in “Lights Out” (season four episode twenty) included Isabelle.

She was cute, quirky, and funny like a little ray of sunshine. Can we have her back in season five please? She can give Kurt fabulous outfits to go against Adam Lambert’s character in sing-offs.

4) Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg)

Carmen does not approve of this nonsense.

Carmen terrifies me in the best way possible. She kind of radiates this quiet sternness that gives me a Professor McGonagall vibe. She does not tolerate any kind of nonsense. She does, however, respect determination and conviction. I like teachers (Deans? I don’t what’s her job again?) like that. Sometimes in your life you need to prove yourself. When you are able to mark your territory and stand your ground that hard won respect feels even sweeter.

(Apologies about the quality there.)

3) April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth)

Hey April brought the booze! And it’s not in a box. Bonus points.

Do I really need to go further than this? April Rhodes was hilarious. She was an adorable trainwreck that you just have to love. She was a frankly fascinating character.

Plus she and Will Schuester sound sooo good together. (Seriously can Matthew Morrison and Kristen Chenoweth just release an album of duets? That would be awesome.) April has a devil may care attitude on life and huge huge dreams. She’s still living in New York right?

Bring her back. It would be hilarious to see her as a guest lecturer at NYADA or something like that.

2) Cooper Anderson (Matt Bomer)

Yeah. I’m feeling really intense feelings that are really intense too Cooper.

I am dead serious when I say that I think it’s a crime that Matt Bomer didn’t get an Emmy nod Best Guest Star In A Comedy for this role. He was hilarious as Cooper Anderson.

Cooper, bless his gorgeous heart, has no clue about acting at all. We got a LOT OF DRAMATIC POINTING! We also got a look about where Blaine Anderson came from. Mainly though it was about the pointing and Cooper just having no clue. He seemed to be the guy who went to LA to become an actor but never had an acting class in his life.

His scenes with Jane Lynch were also hilarious.  Also this happened.

That was just perfection. Shut up. You know it was. Blaine is graduating this year? Bring back Cooper!

1) Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris)

Like PORN! Oh the shame!

Neil Patrick Harris should just own the market on musical adapt villains. He just really should. Of course I would put Bryan Ryan on the list! Not only was he the best one off bad guy Glee has ever had but he made his mark. Many fans still remember Bryan Ryan and the Joss Whedon directed episode “Dream On” (season one episode twenty) fondly. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes of season one.

He had sharp biting humor. He had depth. He had talent. (Oh dear God the talent.) He won an Emmy for his turn in the role! Bryan Ryan ex-showchoir star was awesome. The chemistry between him and Matthew Morrison? Sizzling. The shameless fangirl in me kept rooting for them to just stop all pretense and have hate sex already. (Sorry it’s true.)

Plus the mullet.

Oh dear God the mullet.

Plus he also provided valuable insight in Mister Schue’s past.  He showed what the glee club (apparently called “The Singsations”) was once like in its heyday. He also showed the pitfalls of going into a career in the arts along with what happens when you give up on your dreams.

Plus well he rocks.

Seriously it too me awhile to figure out a duet that was as epic as that. It was like vocal single combat.

PLEASE BRING HIM BACK! How I Met Your Mother is ending soon! You can book him guys!!!!

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Huh. Well…something guest star related I promise.

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2 comments on “Glee Guest Stars That Should Be Back For A Repeat Performance

  1. I love Isabelle just because she’s so nice and is literally Kurt’s fairy godmother, but I don’t loooove any of the songs she sang.
    Cooper should be number one. He was perfect and funny and talented and attractive! Ryan Murphy said he may come back “at the wedding” which we can assume will be the inevitable Klaine one. And I can’t wait!
    I loved Holly Holiday, even though she wasn’t on your list. Maybe it’s the fact she also played Pepper Potts in Iron Man, and I love that, or the fact that Holly is such a funny, quirky character and so I’d love to see her back. While writing Bryan Ryan or April back in the plot would be harder due to the way they last were in, a substitute teacher would be super easy because they’re always found at schools!

    • I would love to see Cooper back so much. Isabelle too especially with Kurt having a nemesis this season. I would love to see her back to support him.

      I never really liked Holly. So that’s why she wasn’t on my list. These things are subjective you know.

      Thanks for commenting though!

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