Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee

My favorite bit of glee news is when we get guest stars.

The biggest  casting news is that Adam Lambert will make an appearance (or appearances) on season five of glee and that Demi Lovato will also join the cast as a love interest to Santana Lopez.

I will strut on and be fierce. Why? I am Adam motherfucking Lambert that’s why.

Aww look how cute they are!

As a fan of Adam Lambert, I approve this casting. I doubly approve if somehow his character and Kurt hook up (even for some hate sex). I also like Lovato’s casting choice. She has great vocals and my friends assure me she’s a good actress. (I never watched her show Sonny With A Chance so I had clue of acting ability.)

Well anyway with this news of Lambert and Lovato joining the cast, I was forced to think about which actors/singers/famous people I would like to see on glee. Well not forced but I was very considering of who I would like to have on the show.

I figured hey I haven’t done a list in awhile. My work distracts me from my blog. Seriously I’m sorry about not updating in awhile. I got promoted to Managing Editor over at PopWrapped. Vacation and life always seems to get in my way. Also I wanted to take a break post-Cory just to gather myself.

Anyway I figure that I would celebrate life and September with Guest Star Month! Or something like that. Anyway my next couple posts would be about guest stars on glee.

So let’s start off Guest Star Month with the Ten People Who Should Guest On Glee. Some of the choices (for those of you who do follow my job) will be the same as on this article I did awhile back. Not all of them though because I changed my mind or something.

10) Anna Kendrick

That is very true Anna. You said it all.

Anna Kendrick has certainly proved her vocal chops. Her roles in Pitch Perfect and the upcoming The Last Five Years definitely make her voice one to watch. Her song off of the Pitch Perfect album is like number 11 or something on iTunes charts at the moment. It’s high. It also gets radio play.

Plus Kendrick is a very talented young actress. She has that sharp sense of humor and great timing with deadpan delivery. It seems like a perfect fit!

Her Role: Rival NYADA student? Oh does NYADA have a rival school? Like in LA? Maybe she is from the LA campus and transfers for a semester or something. Then she becomes Rachel’s rival or something.  It’ll be awesome.

9) Hugh Jackman

Unf. Hugh. Don’t smile like that you are going to make the fans swoon.

It’s Hugh goddamn Jackman. The man plays Wolverine. He sings like an angel and dances like no man’s business. He’s had a sold out one man show on Broadway. He’s been nominated for every single award under the sun.

Hugh Fucking Jackman! That is all. I just want him and his angelic vocals on the show for one song.

His Role: Himself. Carmen said she knew him. Have him play himself and then have him and Kurt do a duet of “The Boy Next Door”. Then let me die of happiness.

8) Pink

Do as Lady P!nk commands and raise you glass then skateboard!

Glee has covered several of Pink’s recent songs. She wouldn’t have given them rights if she didn’t at least like the show.  It’s Pink you know she would nail it.

I can’t think of any acting roles I’ve seen her in. Hey there are worst places to do a guest spot than Glee. I think she would have a blast with the cast and crew.

Her Role: Either have her play against type and be a strict, straight-laced rival show choir director. Or have her as a free-spirited boss of Santana Lopez in a legit dancing studio. We know Pink can do a lot of physicality. It would be cool to see her do some silk dancing on screen.

7) Channing Tatum

If this gif doesn’t contain my exact reasoning for him to be on the show. Then I am out of a job.

What the caption say.  I will, however, put into the words the obvious. Channing Tatum can daaaaaaance. It’s the hottest thing ever in the history of the world. The things that man does with his body…

Chills. Absolute chills.

His Role: NYADA dance teacher to Kurt Hummel? And he’s not like Cassie July. Have him be like a Mister Schue type. He encourages his students and all that stuff except not as idealistic. Make him an actual fair teacher? I don’t know. I just want to see him dancing. If he can sing (can he?) then bonus.

Here’s him stealing the Oscars with Charlize Theron.

6) Matthew Gray Gubler

I don’t…I don’t know which is cuter.

Matthew Gray Gubler plays Agent Spencer Reid on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds. For those of you familiar with Jane Lynch’s career, she played Reid’s schizophrenic mother in several episodes of the show. Matthew Gray Gubler is also the most adorable human being on the planet. I am serious. He’s weird, quirky, and unapologetic about who he is.

He directs short films in his spare time. He dances as well. He’s also a magician! And he’s seriously smart. I mean not as smart as Reid (who is a genius on the show) but legitimately smart. He is seriously the best person ever and I love him.

His Role: I would love to see Matthew Gray Gubler and Jane Lynch reunited again. So have him do something with Sue. I don’t know what. I just want to see them bounce off each other in a comedic approach. I’m pretty sure it would be great no matter what happens.

5) Anne Hathaway

Whoa she looks good blonde. Uh yes Anne! Must get onto…I mean must discuss Anne.

She won every major award under the sun for singing one song.

Everyone remembers Fantine’s “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. She won those awards for that one song. We all know that’s why. So might as well put her on Glee and let her be awesome and have an Emmy.

Plus. SHE WANTS TO BE ON GLEE DAMMIT! Let her be on the show!

Her Role: Perhaps an older star on Rachel’s first Broadway show? She knows the business. She is insanely talented. She takes Rachel under her wing or something.  I think Anne wants to play Kurt’s lesbian aunt from his mother’s side? It would be an interesting look on Kurt’s mother side of the family.

4) Adam Levine

Mmmm Adam.

He and Ryan Murphy are good friends. I think all Adam has to do is ask and he can get a role on the show.  He was on American Horror Story: Asylum which is basically a very twisted landscape of nightmares that I don’t want to think too hard about. Otherwise I’ll give myself nightmares about ghosts in gimp suits and pregnant women…

ANYWAY! Adam Levine can sing. He can act decently from. He’s pretty popular right now what with The Voice and all. He also is friends with Matthew Morrison and has him on his record label. Go for it.

His Role: Male model friend of Isabelle’s? Owner of that karaoke place CallBacks? Oh! Old school friend of Mister Schue’s who never grew up and crashes on his couch?! He can do anything.

3) Usher

Usher with bonus!Michelle Chamuel You are welcome!

Usher is amaaaazing. He is literally the best person ever. My friends and I totally fell in love with him during his coaching run on season four of The Voice. Where he proved to be an effective, interesting coach and the most adorable, supportive human being ever.

He can act (he was recently cast as Sugar Ray Leonard for a movie), sing, dance, box, and is very, very hot. I am so pro-Usher on Glee that it’s not even funny.

His Role: Oh I have his role picked out. Seriously. He’ll be Mister Raymond who is a new teacher to McKinley. And say Emma is pregnant and Mister Schue takes paternity leave to help? Well Mister Raymond can step in and help with the glee club! It’ll be awesome!

2) John Barrowman

Barrowman! *shakes fist*

John Barrowman also wanted to be on Glee. I think he wanted to play one of Rachel’s gay dads. John Barrowman has already turned out amazing performances on Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Arrow. He is funny and extremely charming. He also loves to sing. Seriously the man has several CDs out full of him singing. His voice is perfection.

Plus he has a massive rabid dedicated fanbase who will watch him in anything. A turn on Glee  can only make everyone happy.

His Role: NYADA vocal professor who is universally beloved? Or another Broadway star that they somehow meet? Oh! Or he’s part of older gay couple who mentors Santana on being bitch please fabulousness no matter what? Something like that.

1) Justin Timberlake

He’s a dancing, hat flinging fool.

I think everyone has been dying for a chance to see Justin Timberlake grace our screens on Glee. The man is soooo freaking talented. I’ve been dying for him to guest since season one. I even have a role picked out for him too!

It’s Justin Timberlake. He’s one of the most dynamic performers of this generation. He dances. He sings. He has some amazing roles under his belt. He’s charming and talented.  He can also be funny as all hell. Have you seen him host SNL? It’s magic.

He’s my dream guest star on the show. It would be spectacular.

His Role: Will Schuester’s estranged insanely successful younger brother. Now that I’ve said it you can’t get it out of your head. Can you? Plus Matthew Morrison and Justin Timberlake dueting? I. Would. Die.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Guests Stars We Would Like To See Back For A Repeat Performance

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6 comments on “Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee

  1. I’d totally love to see Anna Kendrick on Glee too! The others are all good choices too!

  2. Robby says:

    Ever since I saw Kevin McHale on Whose Line is it Anyway?, I started thinking that Wayne Brady would be a great Glee guest. I see him as playing someone from Will’s past, Bryan Ryan style. Maybe an old friend rather than an old rival.

    Speaking of Bryan Ryan, I hope Neil Patrick Harris is on your list of guest stars who should come back, since “Dream On” was the highlight of the back nine of season one primarily because of him.

    I definitely agree about Anna Kendrick and Anne Hathaway. Hell, Anna Kendrick doesn’t even really need to audition, since she was great in Pitch Perfect, which is essentially Glee in movie form.

    • Wayne Brady would be pretty epic on Glee I have to admit. I never really considered it. The more I think about it though the more I like it.

      Please like Neil Patrick Harris was going to be left off my list. Bryan Ryan is still my favorite over the top one off bad guy. “Dream On” was the highlight because it was guest directed by Joss Whedon and NPH. It was just an amazing episode. Definitely one of my Top Ten Favorites Of All Time. Seriously.

      Plus I want NPH and Matthew Morrison to sing together again. That was just…amazing.

      That’s exactly why I want Anna Kendrick. It’s such a good fit.

  3. Barbra Streisand should definitely be in this list. she comes to mentor Rachel before her Funny Girl premiere and maybe they sing a song, like Evergreen. I’ve wanted this to happen since the beginning

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