Ten Celebs Who Should Guest On Glee

My favorite bit of glee news is when we get guest stars.

The biggest  casting news is that Adam Lambert will make an appearance (or appearances) on season five of glee and that Demi Lovato will also join the cast as a love interest to Santana Lopez.

I will strut on and be fierce. Why? I am Adam motherfucking Lambert that’s why.

Aww look how cute they are!

As a fan of Adam Lambert, I approve this casting. I doubly approve if somehow his character and Kurt hook up (even for some hate sex). I also like Lovato’s casting choice. She has great vocals and my friends assure me she’s a good actress. (I never watched her show Sonny With A Chance so I had clue of acting ability.)

Well anyway with this news of Lambert and Lovato joining the cast, I was forced to think about which actors/singers/famous people I would like to see on glee. Well not forced but I was very considering of who I would like to have on the show.

I figured hey I haven’t done a list in awhile. My work distracts me from my blog. Seriously I’m sorry about not updating in awhile. I got promoted to Managing Editor over at PopWrapped. Vacation and life always seems to get in my way. Also I wanted to take a break post-Cory just to gather myself.

Anyway I figure that I would celebrate life and September with Guest Star Month! Or something like that. Anyway my next couple posts would be about guest stars on glee.

So let’s start off Guest Star Month with the Ten People Who Should Guest On Glee. Some of the choices (for those of you who do follow my job) will be the same as on this article I did awhile back. Not all of them though because I changed my mind or something.

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