The Thing About Rachel and “Funny Girl”

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile.

I’m sowwwwy.

I have the end of the semester t0 deal with which means I’m doing papers and finals until May 17th.

Which really sucks because I do like to try to keep to my weekly update schedule but sometimes that just can’t happen I suppose. I promise though I have a lot of exciting stuff for you this summer! I’m working on the next “Glee and Social Issues” and the character retrospectives are going to still be a high priority. I have a list of stuff for “Bad Glee Theater”. Trust me I have plans for posts this summer. As well as expanding The Rewatch Project by starting other blogs. Don’t worry! This will still be exclusively glee but I hope to start one that’s exclusively dedicated to Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who (New Who primarily), and etc. So if you’re interested in any of those fandoms keep your eyes peeled. Plus I do have duties to attend to with my job at PopWrapped as a Content Editor.

Also if you read my recaps through my blog here’s the one for “Light’s Out” (season four episode twenty) since I have to pimp out both of my recaps since I missed a week.

Anyway I feel terrible for making excuses because I shouldn’t do that.

So without further ad0, let’s talk about Rachel Berry and this whole Funny Girl thing, shall well?

Oh I’m back baby! Snarky captions are back!

So let me get one thing out of the way.

I don’t hate Rachel because, and I quote, “she is a main character”. I get that she is a main character. For the most part, I don’t even mind her most of the times. Season Two she started to go down in my opinion. I was rooting for her to get some redemption in Season Three. I didn’t like her most of the time. But I certainly didn’t hate her. I didn’t like that she got into NYADA over Kurt, who I felt deserved it more. I didn’t like the whole marrying at eighteen thing with Finn. I didn’t like how she continually went after boys for validation and social standing. But I will get into that in the second part of her character retrospective.

Rachel, in season four, is the one I don’t like at all. The way she acts and carries herself is off-putting to me. I was led to believe that NYADA was going to be a school of Rachels. So I was expecting her to go into the room and meet someone who could have been her rival or something. Someone with as equal talent as her. But instead she meets Cassie July who honestly had sense in her damn head. She knows what the theater world is actually like. It’s small and insular. If you ruin your reputation or act like a brat than word gets around and your career is dead. However, Rachel just totally disrespects her, snarks back and makes a big thing out of nothing. I’m not saying Rachel should take it. What I’m saying is that Rachel needed to learn to respect someone like Cassie and let things roll off her back. If Rachel wants to take the stage she needs to learn to take critiques well. She can’t snap back at the critics if they give her a negative review you know? Rachel needs a thicker skin and I never seen her get that skin at NYADA. Maybe she got it at McKinley with Santana Lopez.

Anyway, you guys I hope understanding where I am coming from when I say this…

If the Internet is true than I think the fans will be with you.


Rachel shouldn’t get Fanny Brice. She really, really shouldn’t get the part.

She shouldn’t get the part for several reasons.

1) Her Age: In the show, Rachel is about eighteen or nineteen right? I know she auditioned off screen for The Glass Menagerie. But even with that under her belt, she is still incredibly young to get a role on Broadway especially a leading role. Most of those roles go to children who have been in the business for awhile. There is a network of Broadway Kids who are teenagers that can get those teenage roles. Rachel, however, has what? West Side Story at McKinley under her belt and that weird Christmas special? Yeah you can point out Cabaret and Rocky Horror but I would point out that neither of those actually premiered at the school, they were cancelled. Rachel is too young to handle the handle the responsibilities right now. She, in the show, is too inexperienced. I get that Lea Michele was young when she got her own lead role in Spring Awakening but she had been on Broadway for years at that point. People, in the community, knew who she was first and that she had the experience to handle it. Rachel Berry, the character, does not have that experience yet.

2) Abilities: It makes sense for Rachel to get a callback. Why? Simple. Lea Michele can sing. She sings really, really, really well. If I was a casting director and heard a girl with a voice like that come in than I would give her a callback. Because if we can’t get her for the lead part than we can get her for something else. However, Rachel is not the strongest dancer. It’s something that I have noticed over the years. And despite what Cassie said I haven’t seen any real improvement. She should up to do her dance midterm in “Wonder-ful” (season four episode twenty one) IN HEELS! What the hell?! You’re supposed to be doing ballet. I mean I know that’s not what happened but freaking still! Have the appropriate footwear! I didn’t see her holding a bag that would contain her ballet shoes in it. Anyway, she is not the strongest dancer. She, Rachel that is, is not the strongest actress either based on what I’ve seen on the aforementioned Rocky Horror and Christmas special. The Rocky Horror performance was appropriately over the top and yeah everyone was bad in the Christmas special. But still those are the only two things I have to go on with Rachel’s acting abilities! Wait! the commercial script rehearsal! That was bad too. Three things. I have nothing to say that was good or solid. Rachel needs more training. Because her script reading? She sounded like she was doing a Babara Streisand impersonation. She is at NYADA for a reason. So she can get trained. Don’t some conservatories like NYADA have rules about at least waiting a year before auditioning? Just asking.

3) She Needs To Fail: Rachel this season has a) Won the Winter Showcase as a freshman (first time this has happened), B) Won the respect of her peers (for the most part minus those bitchy guys) and c) Melted Cassie July’s heart. She even had a super hot boyfriend for awhile. And yeah I know but what about the pregnancy scare and the fact Brody turned out to be a literal manwhore? My response is that I didn’t feel bad for Rachel there. Why? We knew that pregnancy would be a scare and that Brody break up was inevitable. I didn’t feel anything for her. Oh! Those bitchy ballerinas that were there for a grand total of five seconds. Yeah they made me feel bad for her (not really)…but then she got a makeover at Vogue. Plus her Dads apparently pay for everything according to “Guilty Pleasures” (season four episode seventeen). She lost the diva off to Kurt in “Diva” (episode thirteen season four) but Kurt immediately soothed hurt feelings instead of letting her confront them. Rachel’s stories have just been there. And for the most part they have been boring. Like really boring. No one who watches TV wants to see people succeed all the time. We want to see failure. Why? Simply put there are more interesting stories in the act of them recovering from that failure and building themselves back up again. Rachel has had too many good things happen to her. She needs to have failure. She needs to have major failure and experience it. Losing out on one of her dream roles would make for AMAZING stories. Having her be so close and then failing would allow for Rachel to really reevaluate her life, her choices and her dreams. Rachel needs to face rejection and be rattled by it so she can build herself back up. Failure can make for a more interesting Rachel but also allow her to make a comeback.

Come on admit it you want it too…

Ultimately I just want Rachel to experience failure like Kurt has experienced it with NYADA or Santana with her dropping out and finding herself. Those make for more interesting stories. Because when Kurt or Santana succeed? We feel like they deserve it. When Rachel succeeds now it’s like well okay she did something AMAZING again in New York.

I want to like Rachel again but I can’t like a character that they are trying VERY hard to turn into a Mary-Sue. But again this is what it feels like to me. My opinion here folks. Rachel in the past has had obstacles to get across. Rachel in the season 4 has had success in compensation for those past obstacles. However, it just doesn’t feel like she had anything that she had to truly struggle with. It’s hard to make it in New York. I just want to see something like that portrayed there.

So there is my opinion. For all the world to see. I’m just tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: We’ll be taking a look at the revelation of Kitty and Ryder made in “Lights Out”.

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13 comments on “The Thing About Rachel and “Funny Girl”

  1. Colleen Sweeney says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for eloquently putting my thoughts and feelings into words!

  2. Robby says:

    I thought Rachel was at her most interesting last season when she failed at her NYADA audition in “Choke” (an otherwise execrable episode) and in the immediate aftermath when she had to question everything she’s been working towards and what her plans are. I was immensely disappointed when she ended up getting into NYADA anyway, when it would have made a lot more sense to make her wait until the next audition cycle. This was an opportunity for growth, and she didn’t really take it. She just whined and complained until she got her way, her MO for a long time.

    I similarly liked her early struggles at NYADA in “The New Rachel,” culminating in her weepy phone call to Kurt. When that led into Kurt showing up to “save” her, it pretty much led straight through to all the success Rachel has had the rest of the season. Her feud with Cassie aside, you’re right: things have been pretty easy for Rachel.

    I could see season 4 ending in failure for Rachel, especially since they could thematically link it to the glee club’s failures in seasons 1 and 2. The club had to pay its dues to achieve success, and Rachel needs to do the same. The writers could even link Rachel’s failure with a failure of the current incarnation of the club at regionals, which would honestly be my dream season finale. The club getting into regionals on a frankly nonsensical technicality isn’t exactly the way you want the newbies to experience their first big success, nor should Rachel coast to stardom without the sting of failure deflating her ego at least a little bit.

    • You and I speak the same language, my friend.

      Rachel was a million times more interesting to me last season when she totally bombed her audition into NYADA. I also agree with how she got into it. It was kind of like stalking Carmen Tibideaux into giving her a second chance. When frankly she shouldn’t do it. She had her 16 bars to impress her and she just kind of…well you know how it is. (Also if you hate “Choke” don’t worry so do I and I plan on discussing my anger toward it in great detail at a later post.)

      Also I have been saving the exact same thing! New York would have been so much more interesting if it was Rachel who had to struggle to make it in the city. While Kurt could start have tentative feelings toward Adam and finally taste something like popularity. He never really had that at McKinley because while it worked toward general tolerance it was never really unfettered acceptance. (Poor Adam and poor Brody both wasted characters. Although I feel Adam was wasted more because he was adorkable. Brody was just eye candy.) Anyway I totally agree the Rachel plot would have been much more interesting if it was her redeeming herself at NYADA.

      “The New Rachel” I also agree was a good starting point for some interesting Rachel characterization. As I stated above, I was given the impression that NYADA would be a school full of Rachel Berrys. It would have been interesting to see her having to overcome that maybe she isn’t one in a million. That, outside of the choir room, she needs to work her butt off to try to get ahead. It would have been interesting to see her having to deal with her fantasy of New York gathering her to it’s collective bosom versus New York not really giving a damn about a tiny girl that could sing. Cassie, even though she was kind of bitchy at points, I feel was giving solid advice to Rachel. I’ve heard it before though it less mean phrasing but she is right it’s hard to get a leg up on Broadway. That’s what I mean that things have been too easy for her. Rachel is a great singer. Okay. What about the stuff she needs to improve on? You know? I just wanted to see something.

      Yes! Exactly! However, I do agree that while it will be interesting to see the New Directions and Rachel fail. I have a feeling that it’s going to be one or the other. They’re not going to go both winning because that’s boring. They maaaay go both losing. It’s a higher possibility. But like I said it’s probably going to be one or the other here. So if it comes down to it I would love to see New Directions win and Rachel lose. But I do agree. The newbies should not experience their first big success on a technicality. Rachel should not coast to stardom without having something deflating her ego slightly (Kurt winning their diva off doesn’t count as Kurt had to make her feel better almost immediately after winning. Sigh.)

      Sorry! That was long. Thank you for the reply!

      • Robby says:

        Hey, no need to apologize. I could talk about Glee all day. And I’m glad to find someone else who takes the somewhat strange “academic” approach to the show that I do.

      • It is very comforting to know that I’m not the only one doing it.

        I also find it hilarious that we’re both English majors. (Yes I totally checked out your blog.)

  3. Robby says:

    Yeah, I earned my English degree back in 2005… and now I primarily use it to analyze Glee!

    Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I loved college.

  4. True says:

    I see you erase the comments that don’t agree. No way Rachel is a Mary Sue, She is always made to be wrong and has to learn a lesson. Mary Sues are always right and everyone treats them nicely or they get to take the moral high ground. Rachel never gets that she is always called out for her mistake and flaws. Yes in the end she might win but not before having to be told how wrong she is and to apologize or learn a lesson first.

    • Okay first of all. I don’t do that. I did un-approve someone on the basis of bad grammar, a bad argument and bad spelling. But I don’t get a lot of comments on this blog. So don’t you dare imply that I am not giving people the right to argue their point. Do it. But do it in a logical way because outside of that it’s just not worth my time.

      Okay. I’m fixing that statement. It FEELS LIKE Rachel is BECOMING a Mary Sue to me. And I’m not even saying in the past. I respect Rachel’s past as a character. No I mean since she came to New York, post “The New Rachel” she has been turning into a Mary Sue. Yes the Diva Off, hooker boyfriend, Cassie July, pregnancy scare but none of the fallouts have lasting consequences. Some Mary Sue variants have this in them. Bad things happen but there is no lesson learned by the character and they just keep acting the way they have been acting.

      You are entitled to your opinion. And I respect that your opinion even if I don’t agree with it. I just think before she has any meaningful success without some failure. Besides brush up on your Broadway auditioning process online. Rachel, for a nineteen year old without any parts under her belt, has been incredibly lucky in this process. So excuse me if I want to see something like realism for Rachel’s career.

  5. meh says:

    We don’t even know if Rachel gets Funny Girl yet but people are already crying foul.

    • Then take it up with the rest of the Internet. I can name several websites that have came out against this plot. People are just stating their opinion in reaction to the episodes.

  6. […] waaay back last year? When I talked about Rachel and Funny Girl? Remember why I said that it was a stupid […]

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