Top Ten Episodes of Glee Season 4

Hi guys!

Is anyone else sad that season four is over? I kind of am. It dragged a bit at the end but overall I enjoyed the season. Plus I think it will hold a special place in my heart because I started my job and this blog during the course of the season.

I know. I know. I’m such a sentimental person. Sorry.

I know I promised to talk about Ryder and Kitty with a new “Glee and Social Issues”. Yeah with my finals coming up that is not happening right now. I need my logic and rhetoric for finals.

So with the season four at an end, I decided to do a list of my Top Ten Episodes of Glee Season Four. Now unlike my Top Ten Glee Episodes of 2012, I will be focusing on just season four instead of the episodes I saw in that year. So yes there will possibility be some repeats there.

Right! With that in mind let’s talk about my favorite episodes of the season.

SPOILER ALERT FOR ALL OF SEASON FOUR! I should start stating that this is my opinion. I only know what I like. So if you guys agree that’s great but if not then that’s fine as well.

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The Thing About Rachel and “Funny Girl”

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile.

I’m sowwwwy.

I have the end of the semester t0 deal with which means I’m doing papers and finals until May 17th.

Which really sucks because I do like to try to keep to my weekly update schedule but sometimes that just can’t happen I suppose. I promise though I have a lot of exciting stuff for you this summer! I’m working on the next “Glee and Social Issues” and the character retrospectives are going to still be a high priority. I have a list of stuff for “Bad Glee Theater”. Trust me I have plans for posts this summer. As well as expanding The Rewatch Project by starting other blogs. Don’t worry! This will still be exclusively glee but I hope to start one that’s exclusively dedicated to Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who (New Who primarily), and etc. So if you’re interested in any of those fandoms keep your eyes peeled. Plus I do have duties to attend to with my job at PopWrapped as a Content Editor.

Also if you read my recaps through my blog here’s the one for “Light’s Out” (season four episode twenty) since I have to pimp out both of my recaps since I missed a week.

Anyway I feel terrible for making excuses because I shouldn’t do that.

So without further ad0, let’s talk about Rachel Berry and this whole Funny Girl thing, shall well?

Oh I’m back baby! Snarky captions are back!

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