Fifteen Songs That The NYC People Should Sing on Glee

Hello everyone!

So tonight glee is back with those crazy kids in New York.

Before you ask, yes I know about Rachel singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” solo. However, I am not going to get into my deep seated feelings of RAGE right now about it. If you want to read more than either go over to PopWrapped to read my glee-cap of “Sweet Dreams” (season four episode nineteen) or read this article about it. My feelings pretty much haven’t changed since then.

Needless to say, Rachel (while I may throw a hypothetical solo or two her way) is not going to be heavily featured on this list.

Also because there is a lack of characters on the NYC side of the story, I’m shortening the list to fifteen for my own sanity. The Lima side had a lot more characters for me to work with. NYC…not as much.

I may also throw in a hypothetical future character or two because the NYC cast isn’t that big yet. Also I don’t know if Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke’s lesbian couple are going to NYC or not. I’ll throw them in here. Why not?

15) “Show Off” from The Drowsy Chaperone  sung by Rachel Berry

I just want to get this out of the way. If somehow the writers actually stop giving Rachel everything she ever wanted so quickly then this would be an interesting piece. Maybe if she was introduced a rival who was just as talented but not as obsessed with being seen as her. Or maybe if they got rid of the demon possessing her body and Rachel from season one (back when she was actually enjoyable) could take over. “Show Off” could be a perfect number. It’s a conflicting number about a star who wants to be left along, however simultaneously still wants to be adore. She says that she doesn’t want to “show off” but she can’t help herself. Deep inside of her she really does want to show off. Granted this number does require physicality from Lea Michele and she’s not the most physically engaging performer. However with a lot of rehearsals I think this could be a display that MAY with the right story backing it get me interested in Rachel as a character again? Maybe?

14) “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts  sung by Santana Lopez and Cassandra July

Its my deepest and most fevered dream to see these two onscreen together. Okay if they never meet then we can at least do a split screen or something right? Santana and Cassie both have “bad reputations”. It would be fun to watch them sing about them and metaphorically toss them to the side. An utter acceptance of their bitchiness and bad things from their part but not giving a damn about it anymore.

13) “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt sung by Kurt Hummel

Okay something that does kind of piss me off about the Klaine storyline is that we really don’t see how pissed Kurt is! Dude if your boyfriend cheated on you, you get pissed the hell off! Plus since Blaine really isn’t giving Kurt the space to actually, you know, let him move on. I like Adam. I think that Adam is good for Kurt because Kurt and Blaine need to figure out who they are without Klaine. You just can’t instantly forgive someone for cheating on you! Plus Kurt, like all before him, need to sing a “I’m pissed that you cheated and won’t let me figure out my own issues”. So I feel like this awesome song by No Doubt encapsulates the things that Kurt should definitely be singing about.

12) “Hello Young Lovers” from The King and I sung by Isabelle Wright

I don’t know if this is exactly within range for Sarah Jessica Parker. However, they can always tweak with it. This song is just amazing. Isabelle, despite being ditzy at times, seems to have experienced as well. I think it would interesting if this was her passing on her knowledge of those heartbreaks to Kurt. However, she ultimately doesn’t regret those heartbreaks. I think it’s a very wise lesson for her to pass onto Kurt.

11) “Who’s Laughing Now?” by Jessie J sung by Kurt Hummel

I really want Kurt to sing these kickass songs about empowerment don’t I? Okay it needs to be slightly tweaked to have it fit NYC but still. Look Kurt has been through the ringer these past several seasons. When he finally has this big, huge moment when all that work pays off and he finally realizes his dream… I want him to have this moment of thinking about all those bullies in Lima. All of those people that made his life utter hell. And laugh at them. This song is a high energy FUCK YOU to those people who made his life hell. I think it would be awesome to see. Especially if, like in the video, they bring in baby!Kurt. Just go all out here. Have it be this huge kickass song sequence in his head.

10) “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga sung by Santana Lopez

I don’t have a big elaborate explanation here. It’s about finding passion in life. It’s about not getting knocked down by how shitty it can be. It’s about empowerment. My real reason is simple. I just really, really, REALLY want to see Santana sing this song.

9) “Still Into You” by Paramore sung by Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez

Just because I’m not the biggest Finchel or Klaine fan in the world, it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect that they were couples. I loved Brittana but I also respect that Santana needs different to stretch her wings and grow as a person. This song encapsulates conflicting feelings of wanting to be independent and single while also wanting the relative safety of old relationships. It’s about kind of being angry that you want to be with the other person still. It’s like being…pissed off at first love and how hard it squeezes you. Now I maintain that Rachel shouldn’t sing alternative rock songs. Her voice just isn’t suited for it. However, if they give Kurt and Santana bigger parts of the song…it could work.

8) “Independent Women Part One” by Destiny’s Child sung by Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry

They rocked “So Emotional” last season. Plus what I really want is independent women in the show. I don’t want the women here to have their identity tied up with their relationships. Ultimately I want some of the older girls to admit that they want to be independent women. That they don’t need their identity in a relationship. That they have to make themselves happy. Santana and Rachel let themselves be ruled by their romantic desires. I want them to be proud and strong women who don’t need anyone but themselves. Let them roar! Or not. I have a feeling I’m not lucky enough to witness that.

7) “Tango: Maureen” from RENT sung by Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez

If we get to see Kurt ever make his debut on stage, I secretly hope it’s going to Mark Cohen in RENT. For some reason I just thought that Kurt would do that character justice. As for “Tango: Maureen”, well it needs to be cleaned up some because you can’t say fuck on television. However, I always wanted to see a Kurt and Santana duet. So this is like a huge hope for me. I have no clue what context this would go in but however they work it in it would be glorious.

6) “At Last” by Etta James sung by Santana Lopez

Naya Rivera’s smoky, smooth and at times heartbreaking voice would just be utter perfection on this classic. I see this happening when she finds love again or if she and Brittany get back together. However, it’s a song about hope and vulnerability, which I think would be an interesting for Santana’s character to explore. She just has such an amazing voice to tackle this song. No other female vocalist on the show could do so.

5) “Closer to Fine” by Indigo Girls sung by Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter’s lesbian couple

My friend and colleague, Erika Rivera, calls it “the definitive lesbian anthem”. So I gave it a listen. I totally can see this! Plus I can see an older couple singing this song as well. Instead of awkwardly forcing them to either sing 80’s songs or the newest stuff with older actors down on our throat. It’s a very mellow and strummy song. I loved just how mellow it is, but it also sounds like it’s a song that has lived. I think this would be a great set for a mentor couple. It would be totally awesome and gorgeous and just a little bit heartbreaking at the same time.

4) “Try” by Pink sung by Kurt Hummel and Adam Crawford

All of the Brochel duets were just varying levels of…eh. However, Kurt and Adam have yet to have a duet together which makes this a travesty right now. “Try” is a really great song by a super kickass artist. It’s all about pain and trying to move on. However, it’s also a song about desire. Kurt is trying to move on with Adam but feels conflicted with his feelings for Blaine. Adam, not being a total idiot, realizes this as well. I think this song encapsulates their whole situation of Kurt moving on with Adam but still feeling tied to his past. While Adam wants to be with Kurt and make a relationship with him. I think this could be something really interesting to see.

3) “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell sung by Brody Weston

Brody just devolved into eye candy. Which is a shame because Dean Geyer has a pretty good voice. So it kind of sucks that he never got a solo in his tenure as Rachel’s boyfriend. Maybe I’m just playing the manwhore metaphor too much here but yeah “Tainted Love”. It allows for some great dancing. It allows for some solid vocals. Plus it has that sheen of 80s cheese that glee seems to love. Plus it’s just a fun song that do. Plus again the irony about Brody singing “Tainted Love” is just too good to pass up on.

2) “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys sung by Santana Lopez, Kurt Hummel and Cassandra July

We’ve had Cassandra and Rachel. Why not the other two members of New York New Directions? I seem to be choosing a lot of songs about heartbreak aren’t I? Sorry. However, a lot of New York is about the heartbreak of growing up. So it makes sense that there would be a lot of songs that reflect that in this point of their lives. Cassie knows how cruel the world is. Santana and Kurt are intimately familiar with that too. So it would be an interesting dynamic to explore through this song.

1) “Brighter Than The Sun” by Colbie Caillat sung by Kurt Hummel and Isabelle Wright

Again Cassandra and Rachel has a duet just between them. Why hasn’t Kurt and Isabelle since is supposedly his mentor? After all these depressing songs, I wanted to add in something happy. Nothing makes me happier than this song. It’s like spring. It makes you feel happy and fun all at the same time. Plus this song is suited for both Sarah Jessica Parker’s and Chris Colfer’s voices because of the rasp and the high notes she hits. It would be fun just to have a silly song about love and happiness and hope. Which I believe would make the bond between Kurt and Isabelle all the more powerful.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Due to college, I have nothing on deck for next week. I have a bunch of papers due. However, if I come up with something easy I’ll be sure to post it up!

Notes: Any songs in particular for you guys?!

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Credits: YouTube
Erika Rivera for the idea of “Closer to Fine”
Alice Blume for reminding me about “Tango: Maureen”


4 comments on “Fifteen Songs That The NYC People Should Sing on Glee

  1. meh says:

    Oh gee a another person who resents Rachel for being the lead character. What a shocker.

    • It’s not resentment for her being the main character. It’s just that they don’t do anything interesting with her. This season has been all about her being rewarded for not really doing anything meaningful. So yeah I’m angry. I’m just more angry with the fact that they don’t do anything interesting with her. Make her suffer so when she does succeed and triumph than the audience wants her to do so.

      Instead they have her become the star at NYADA by doing her usual schtick of singing a Barbara song without stretching herself as a performer. She has her hooker boyfriend that she didn’t really love. She slept with Finn with no consequences. She had the pregnancy scare that everyone knew was a scare because God forbid Rachel gets a storyline with real world consequences.

      Thank you for your deeply insightful comment on my apparent hatred of a television character. It’s the story that I resent. Not her.

  2. Casutama says:

    You should have taken over writing for Glee starting after season 2 (or AT LEAST after season 3 or 4). I’d have LOVED to see all of that and I’m sure that everyone would have done a wonderful job with these.

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