In Support of Cory Monteith: A Fan’s Musings

Well since I write this blog about glee, I figured I might as well talk about some major glee news. The biggest of this news is that Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) has entered rehab voluntarily for substance abuse. (As for the Heather Morris news. I believe nothing until she confirms it.)

Truth be told I’ve been a fan of Cory’s for years before glee. I’m sure none of you remember the fantastically bad movie Hybrid that he starred in. But it was honestly the first thing I saw him in. Once I got passed the ‘OhMyGod this guy is SUPER HOT’ thoughts going in my brain. I really liked his performance. I mean I didn’t know who he was at the time but honestly? He brought a lot of depth into a role on a made for TV horror movie that wasn’t really about horror. Sure the cover makes it look like it’s about horror but it really isn’t. It’s actually a cool look at Native American spirituality and had as much depth as a movie of this could. This is mainly due to Cory’s performance in the movie.

It’s fantastically amazingly bad and heartfelt at the same time.

So when glee started, I realized two things. One Matthew Morrison was in it and I had been a fan of his Broadway stuff for years. Two my second reaction was “OHMYGOD It’s Hybrid guy!!!!”

Good memories.

What can I say? I really loved that movie. It’s fantastic. Anyway, it was honestly between those two that I watched the pilot and fell in love with glee. What can I say? I have a weakness for hot guys who can sing.

In 2011, I and a lot of the fandom learned of Cory’s past struggles and addiction with alcohol and drugs. The piece was a matter of fact and very moving. I have never met Cory and I probably never will but I did feel a connection with him. He just seemed so nice and genuine. And I admired him even more after that article at how he turned his life around.

So it’s sad that he had his relapse. However, I am proud of Cory for recognizing it and trying to change it. I don’t think he takes his fame for granted or as his right. He seems to be the type of person who is grateful for this chance.

I think that is why the response from the fandom has been positive. We love all the actors on glee but I think Cory owns a special place in our hearts. Or maybe I’m speaking as a long time fan of his. He always seems so loving and open and truly grateful for his fans. We may not be as loud as other corners of the fans of the actors on the show. But we don’t need to be.

Still over the past week we’ve trended on Twitter, filled up Instagram and Tumblr, and kept Cory in our thoughts. I don’t know if Cory, or anyone from glee, will ever read my blog.  Which is fine I don’t need that validation, I write out of love (and rage but mostly out of love).

However, I just want to say that I am proud of you Cory for taking control of your life. Addiction, speaking as some who has witnessed it, is a lifelong struggle and process. You are never not recovering from it. There is no cure for it. You admitted the problem. You admitted that you needed help, which is the hardest and scariest part. You are getting the help you need.

All we, as fans, can really do is show Cory our unwavering support.

So Cory, I love you and admire you. You are insanely talented. You seem like a really great, loving, open and professional guy. Truthfully you seem like a guy I would love to hang out with. I hope this relapse is just a brief stumble in a long and happy life and career for you. I will keep you in my prayers and my thoughts even though you don’t know me and I only know a fraction of you.

For admitting you need help and taking the first step toward getting that help, for taking the first step toward recovery and doing it when you know you needed it most…I respect the hell out of you. I wouldn’t even hesitate calling you one of my hero’s for doing something that courageous before it got out of control.

I won’t say that I hope you get better. No one can ever really get better from addiction. I just hope that you move forward: one day at a time with the same zest for life you seem to have.

We support you, Cory. We love you. We wish you the best on your road to recovery.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Another hiatus song list that glee needs to cover. I promise to have it up before the episode airs guys.

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