Fifteen Songs That The NYC People Should Sing on Glee

Hello everyone!

So tonight glee is back with those crazy kids in New York.

Before you ask, yes I know about Rachel singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” solo. However, I am not going to get into my deep seated feelings of RAGE right now about it. If you want to read more than either go over to PopWrapped to read my glee-cap of “Sweet Dreams” (season four episode nineteen) or read this article about it. My feelings pretty much haven’t changed since then.

Needless to say, Rachel (while I may throw a hypothetical solo or two her way) is not going to be heavily featured on this list.

Also because there is a lack of characters on the NYC side of the story, I’m shortening the list to fifteen for my own sanity. The Lima side had a lot more characters for me to work with. NYC…not as much.

I may also throw in a hypothetical future character or two because the NYC cast isn’t that big yet. Also I don’t know if Meredith Baxter and Patty Duke’s lesbian couple are going to NYC or not. I’ll throw them in here. Why not?

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Glee and Social Issues (Part Four): Shooting Star

Hey everyone.

So last night’s Glee has definitely been the most controversial episode of the show that I’ve ever seen.

Now the show has always dealt with topical and sometimes controversial issues in the past: LGBT issues, suicide, bullying, teen marriage, teen pregnancy, texting and driving, spousal abuse, mental illness and well you get the picture.

However, “Shooting Star” (season four episode eighteen) is definitely the most controversial episode to come out of the show yet. With the Sandy Hook fresh in our minds, many people had out cried that it was “too soon” and that glee was not the appropriate place for this to take place.

Before I express my opinion on this issue, let’s get the necessary stuff out of the way first.

As always all of the views in this post is based on my own observations and conclusions drawn through a rewatch of the television show Glee. This is just MY opinion. If you agree fantastic if you don’t then I respect your opinion too. 

(This post contains spoilers up to episode eighteen of season four “Shooting Star”.)

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In Support of Cory Monteith: A Fan’s Musings

Well since I write this blog about glee, I figured I might as well talk about some major glee news. The biggest of this news is that Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) has entered rehab voluntarily for substance abuse. (As for the Heather Morris news. I believe nothing until she confirms it.)

Truth be told I’ve been a fan of Cory’s for years before glee. I’m sure none of you remember the fantastically bad movie Hybrid that he starred in. But it was honestly the first thing I saw him in. Once I got passed the ‘OhMyGod this guy is SUPER HOT’ thoughts going in my brain. I really liked his performance. I mean I didn’t know who he was at the time but honestly? He brought a lot of depth into a role on a made for TV horror movie that wasn’t really about horror. Sure the cover makes it look like it’s about horror but it really isn’t. It’s actually a cool look at Native American spirituality and had as much depth as a movie of this could. This is mainly due to Cory’s performance in the movie.

It’s fantastically amazingly bad and heartfelt at the same time.

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Glee Character Retrospective: Rachel Berry (Part One)

Welcome to my first glee character retrospective everyone!

Yes after promising and alluding to these many times, we are finally going to have them.

And my very first character retrospective will be on one Rachel Barbara Berry.

Sigh. What happened to you Rachel?

Why? I think it’s because out of all of the characters on glee, the relationship that fans have with Rachel is the most complex. However, I’m not looking at fans evolving reactions with Rachel. I’m looking at my own. I’m the one who is retroactively looking back at glee. I can say that my relationship as a fan of the show with Rachel is definitely the most complex one I have with any character on television. So I suppose this retrospectives are going to be more of an analysis of my own changing feelings towards the characters of the show.

Rachel seems to be the most logical place to begin because if we can say the show had a main character, then we would say that it would arguably be Rachel. She gets the most songs. She gets the most screen time. Her story and ambitions are what we are supposed to relate to the most.

Now is this really true? I’m not sure.

However, I’ll try to examine it in a multiparter character retrospective focusing on Rachel Berry.

The first part? Season One a.k.a. when I actually liked Rachel as a character.

I feel like I should point out spoilers for season one. However, I think it’s kind of stupid to point that out. Still it’s there now.

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