Life Lessons From Glee: Adorkable Guys Win

Welcome all to my twenty-fifth OFFICIAL Glee Rewatch Project blog post!!!

This does require some celebration doesn’t it?


This was just epic and hilarious.


God bless you Sam Evans

Right so I bet you all were expecting something deep and introspective or whatever. However, I decided to start a new series instead.

Life Lessons from Glee. 

It’s a pretty self explanatory title. For this series, we are going to take a long hard look at the life lessons that glee teaches us. Some of them are silly. Some of them are serious. Some of them are just plain weird. However, a good chunk of them are applicable to life in some way.

Or first life lesson from glee?

Screw the brooding bad boy, adorkable guys are the best.

Yeah. I never took too much stock in the whole “brooding bad boys are the best” line of thinking even growing up.

It wasn’t for lack of trying.

I mean sure every so often it’s okay to be attracted to the guy with smoldering eyes who dresses all in black. It touches into the female stereotype that we want to “fix” them and make them better men.

I have more than enough issues on my own without trying to “fix” a brooding bad boy. Besides sometimes those guys can’t be fixed by the love of a good woman or however the type goes.

No. The first life lesson that glee really taught me is that it’s okay to like the adorkable guys over the brooding bad boys. There is no shame in just wanting to hang out with a dude and have a burger and geek out together. In fact, this seems to be the type that glee embraces a lot.

The majority of New Directions guys are total dorks in cool guys bodies.

I guess you can say the exception is Artie because he is kind of stereotypical nerd in appearance. But he’s also totally adorable even though I wish he would stop being chauvanistic at times. Besides outside of work, Kevin McHale is totally hot. So yeah the rule still applies to Artie. He’s cute and I guess you can call him adorkable.

My theory stands.

So why is this a life lesson? You besides the fanservice value from this post.

Hiiiiiiii Darren. Gosh you’re pretty.

Well while I will never, EVER take dating advice from glee. I do find it odd that the boys that we are rooting for are again dorks in the bodies of cool guys. They aren’t brooding, sad faced bad boys. They sing in a show choir for God’s sakes. I mean Jake does try to fulfill the role of “bad boy” with his leather jacket and anger management problem and being Puck’s half brother from an affair. He’s a loner. He’s a womanizer. He is just not good news for you.

Yeah. I don’t need friends. I’m a lone wolf.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaah. And then several episodes later this happens.

I am still totally a macho, bad boy, lone wolf guys. Really.

I mean I guess we can call this character development or something. Or maybe Marley’s saintlike goodness just heals all of Jake’s bad boy-ness without a lot of the unnecessary drama. He wants to be ultimately be a better man than her. I supposed the bad boys do work in theory but a love of a good woman cannot be the only thing alone that changes them. It has to come from an inner desire to be a good person.

Dude you are not a lone wolf. You’re a puppy.

I mean Jake went from a loner who said that he doesn’t need friends to well having friends and a steady girlfriend. He seems a lot happier with that too. I also think that meeting Puck has helped informed Jake’s character development too. Puck tries to help Jake be a better man because yeah Puck has made a lot of mistakes.

However, the more we learn about Jake who is trying to be the bad boy of season four the more we realize that he’s a giant dork who hides behind the bad boy mask. He admits that he’s studying ballet. He and Ryder get into pose off’s in the locker room in “Naked” (season four episode twelve). He willingly sings a Twilight love ballad. And I’m sorry but after the “Hot in Herre/Centerfold” mashup from “Naked” I cannot take any of these guys as serious bad boys anymore. Let alone Jake Puckerman.

Seriously I just can’t.

His brother lasted a little bit longer.

Not by much but I could legitimately believe that he was a bad boy with a heart of gold. Puck just exudes that swagger that we associate with television bad boys. He even made covering a Marky Mark song badass. But yeah people are legitimately scared of Puck and what he can do. Sure glee club destroys a lot of his tough guy cred because well yeah singing and dancing does kind of destroy it a little bit I guess. But when he got a chance to use that natural charisma and bad boy swagger into his songs, he freaking USED it.

So where did he go into total hot dork territory?

You can come back from Justin Bieber but you can’t come back from “Friday” (season two episode twenty “Prom Queen”). No matter how cool or bad ass or bad boy you are. You just can’t.

Plus Puck did a punk rock cover of “The Rain in Spain” from My Fair Lady with the rest of the New Directions guys (season three episode eighteen “Choke”).

Just to clarify they changed this.

Into this.

Yeah whatever bad boy cred Puck has was totally gone at this point. He’s not a bad boy. He’s this incredibly dorky, sweet guy who has a fuck ton of issues but he’s not a bad boy.

Actually whatever cred any of those boys had was gone totally with the punk rock cover of My Fair Lady.

And then we come to the king of the adorkable guys!

Long live the king.

I didn’t mean Darren. Yeah okay Darren is entirely adorkable and I just want to watch Harry Potter with him and paint his body. He is just nerdy and dorky and hot. See thought that’s Darren Criss not Blaine Anderson. Blaine while very adorkable is not the utter king of the adorkable, nerd in hot guys type within Glee the show.

It only belongs to one character.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sam Evans.

He is easily the most dorky and hot character on television. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger nerd outside of The Big Bang Theory. Sam Evans is one of my great fictional television crushes of my life. Because he is totally adorkable.

He loves astronomy. He loves sci-fi. He loves superheroes. He did a Bane impression while wearing a jock strap on his face. He love Barry Manilow. He sings the most hilarious country song I’ve ever heard in the light. He started a Justin Bieber band because of his hair. He speaks Navii and Elvish.

And the impressions. Dear God these impressions. I want someone to make a supercut of all of his impressions one day so I can fangirl over it.

Plus as Darren Criss puts it, the guy is built like Batman.

He’s adorkable and hot and it’s amaaaaazing!

Here’s him with his siblings. Is your heart melting yet?

Sam is the epitome of the adorkable hot guys winning over the bad boys. From the moment he dropped his first impression, I was smitten like a shy schoolgirl.

So why is this life lesson of adorkable guys triumphing over bad boys here? You know besides the fact that I decided to reward myself for twenty-five posts by looking up pictures of the glee actors and drooled over them.

Because while it is said that women want a bad boy in order to change him…I don’t think that’s the type of guy this generation really wants.

I think we want guys who can make us laugh and embrace our collective nerdiness with theirs. We want hot guys yes but we also want hot guys who won’t brood all the time. We want silly sweet dorky guys on the inside.

Glee is telling us that it’s okay to want more than the bad boy. And that the bad boy may just be a total dork underneath as well.

Finn dressed up as a superhero this season. He’s also like a giant puppy.

Finn you’re amazing.

Granted you piss this puppy off and he can bite.

God that was waaaay too hot. I just wanted to show this picture.

I mean you’ve seen Joe headbang right? Or what about him getting all adorably confused over pop culture?

You secretly love it Kitty.

Ryder is genuinely nice (his whole thing with Unique aside). He does this awesome dorky dances that are just hilarious.

White Chocolate has taught you all well.

Mike Chang uses his body to show his adorkable-ness. I mean his dancing is the best thing ever yet also the movements are just so…awesome and a little bit dorky to some of the songs.

Yeah you should be dancing with it off. And shirtless. Hiiii.

Blaine wears bowties and likes Katy Perry. He also loves Wham! the band.

Happy Freakin’ New Year

Artie well he’s a little bit chauvanistic sometimes. But he does do copious amounts of dorky white boy rapping. Plus Kevin McHale is adorable.

So what does this teach us?

We want guys who are a little damaged. But the majority of them should be sweet. People today are all kinds of fucked up and dysfunctional. We just want guys who can still be sweet and funny and dorky.

Glee is saying that it’s okay. In fact it’s a good healthy thing to want.

So the first life lesson that Glee imparts to us is this: Adorkable Guys Win.

Because they really do.

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