Top Ten Songs of Season Four of Glee (So Far!)

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We (and by I mean me) here at the Glee Rewatch Project are still in our Glee 500th musical performance celebration mode!

WOOO! Cafeteria Dance Party guys!!!!

So far I have covered the top ten songs of seasons one, two and three along with my top fifteen guilty pleasure songs.

Today we are going to dive into the current season. Now this list is subject to change because well season four isn’t over yet guys! So after glee ends for the season, I will definitely be making some adjustments on the list.

However, before we tackle the top ten songs of season four (so far), then we need to acknowledge the runners up in both the season three and guilty pleasure categories.

Season Three Honorable Mentions: “Not the Boy Next Door” (Episode Eighteen “Choke”), “Shake It Out” (Episode Eighteen “Choke”), “Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do” (Episode One “The Purple Piano Project”), “Bad” (Episode Eleven “Michael”), “Black or White” (Episode Eleven “Michael”), “Boogie Shoes” (Episode Sixteen “Saturday Night Glee-ver”), “Starships” (Episode Twenty-One “Nationals”), “We Are the Champions” (Episode Twenty-One “Nationals”), “I’m the Only One” (Episode Seven “I Kissed a Girl”), “Cool” (Episode Three “Asian F”), “Uptown Girl” (Episode Five “The First Time”), “Fighter” (Episode Fifteen “Big Brother”), “Somebody That I Used to Know” (Episode Fifteen “Big Brother”), “Fix You” (Episode Three “Asian F”), “How Will I Know” (Episode Seventeen “Dance With Somebody”) “It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay)” (Episode Seventeen “Dance with Somebody”), “We Are Young” (Hold on to Sixteen”)

Guilty Pleasures Honorable Mentions: “America” (Season Three Episode Five “The First Time”), “Baby” (Season Two Episode Thirteen “Comeback”), “Call Me Maybe” (Season Four Episode One “The New Rachel”) ,”Give Up The Funk” (Season One Episode Twenty-One “Funk”), “I Can’t Go For That/You Make My Dreams” (Season Three Episode Six “Mash Off”), “I Wanna Sex You Up” (Season One Episode Three “Acafellas”), “Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash” (Season Three Episode Ten “Yes/No”), “When I Get You Alone” (Season Two Episode Twelve “Silly Love Songs”), “Yeah!” (Season Two Episode Twenty-Two “New York”), all the songs from “Britney/Brittany” (Season Two Episode Two), all the songs from “Britney 2.0”, all the songs from “Bad Reputation” (Season One Episode Seventeen), all the songs from “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (Season Two Episode Five), all the songs from “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

And with that out of the way let’s tackle season four!

10) “Come See About Me” (Season Four Episode Eight “Thanksgiving”)

Brittany’s face. I love it.

This trumps “I Say a Little Prayer” for me. Why? Well they actually use Heather Morris’ and Naya Rivera’s voice in providing back-up. It sounds really amazing. Plus we haven’t had a proper Unholy Trinity song in seasons guys! We needed this to happen like we need our life blood. Okay maybe not badly but it was still really nice to see. The choreography was nailed to perfection. Dianna Agron sounded great. It was sweet, simple and they showed those girls how it’s done.

9) “Locked Out of Heaven”/”No Scrubs” (Season Four Episode Eleven “Sadie Hawkins”)

You know you guys can form a girl group and not really miss a beat.

The glee guys should just form a boy band right now guys. I am not even joking here.

Since we are unsure if prom is happening this year. At least I am, I figure I should give great dance songs credit.

“Locked Out of Heaven” was just amazing to listen. It made me want to testify. Bruno Mars’ voice can be hit or miss because of how much emotion he puts into songs. However, it worked well with this song. The ladies of New Directions definitely takes the bull by the horns here and put as much passion as possible into this song. Seriously. If this whole acting thing doesn’t work out they could just form a girl group and not miss a beat.

“No Scrubs” was definitely a reluctant love for me. I was thinking that girls would be doing this one. However, the gentlemen of New Directions proved me wrong in the best way. I have a weakness for boy bands and so do many other people. Now I think the Warblers have been dethroned as the boy band draw in the glee universe. These guys definitely have my squealing inner eleven year old enthralled.

8) “You’re All I Need to Get By” (Season Four Episode Fourteen “I Do”)

Ryder doing some epic photo-bombing there folks.

Now there has been some truly epic Jarley duets this season guys. I think Melissa Benoist and Jacob Artist has some of the most sizzling vocal chemistry out of all the duet couples in glee. Granted it could be because their new and I haven’t heard five million duets between them but there is something about them that is refreshing. Now why “You’re All I Need to Get By”? Well honestly this comes down to musical tastes. I love this general sound of music. I can’t rightly name the genre but the music speaks to me. Crooning is where Jacob Artist really gets to shine and Melissa Benoist gets to pack a punch in the song. It’s not totally sappy like “A Thousand Years”. It’s fun and feel very honest.

7) “Bring Him Home (Kurt’s Version)” (Season Four Episode Thirteen “Diva”)

Kurt showing us how it’s really done.

He deserved to win. We all knew he deserved to win the NYADA Midnight Madness. Don’t like that you are better than I was here. We were all secretly hoping that Rachel was going to be taken down a peg or two in this episode. Yes I’m sorry I REALLY don’t like Rachel this season. And seeing Kurt win a diva off between them, like he deserved to, makes me wonder how different the series could have been if he didn’t throw the number back in season one. It’s gorgeous and moving. Chris Colfer had to sing up several octaves because Lea Michele had to and the needed to keep the piece consistent sounding. He still rose up and kicked ass. This was hugely and totally deserved. Also I teared up listening to him sing.

6) “Juke Box Hero” (Season Four Episode Five “The Role You Were Born to Play”)

Mmm…yummy 80’s cheese.

Okay so if Jake is Puck’s equivalent and Marley is the (very) rough equivalent of Rachel, then yeah Ryder is about the equivalent of Finn here with some Sam thrown in for flavor. So it makes sense that the two of them would be singing together. It also makes sense that they would be singing glorious eighties cheese complete with an elaborate fantasy sequence. “Juke Box Hero” is a ton of fun to watch and listen to. Cory Monteith’s and Blake Jenner’s voices marry well together and sound amazing here. They bot have this great rock edge that makes it perfect for 80’s music. Plus this is just a fun fantasy sequence. I mean haven’t we all listened to our favorite song and pretended we were rock stars while listening to it?

5) “You’re All The World to Me” (Season Four Episode Fifteen “Girls (and Boys) on Film”)

He’s a witch!

Now I admit that I’m not the world’s biggest Wemma fan. However, I do respect what is going on here between the two. Actually after seeing this song I was actively cheering for them to find each other again. This is one of the best opening numbers, if not the best opening number, of season four. They just do so many things right here. They make it sound like they’re singing from an old record which adds to the dream sequence. Both Matthew Morrison’s and Jayma Mays’ voices are clear but actually affecting the type of style of singing from the time period. It’s shot in black and white. And they dance on the ceiling. Game over. They danced on the ceiling. They win. Plus it’s nice to see a talented dancer like Matthew Morrison get as Fred Astaire moment especially after how Will’s character gets repeatedly shit on.

4) “Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version)” (Season Four Episode Four “The Break-Up”) / “Girl on Fire” (Season Four Episode Thirteen “Diva”)

It was around this point I realized that he probably cheated.

Santana Lopez is definitely on fire! No really girl.

These are probably the best solo performances of season four. They’re very good for very different reasons.

“Teenage Dream” has a lot of raw emotion in it. Which makes sense as Darren Criss performed this live. He puts all of Blaine’s pain and suffering into what is essentially the Klaine theme song. I mean it was also during this performance that I assumed he cheated. It was just that good. You knew he did something and it was bad. So kudos to Darren Criss because he put it all into a flawless live performance. Plus he made it look like Blaine was just going to break down any minute. And that’s a lot of raw real emotion that we honestly don’t see from Blaine that much. It was refreshing and bittersweet and sad all at once.

“Girl on Fire” was made Naya Rivera. Sorry Alicia Keys but she blew you out of the water. This is Santana’s triumphant rising like a phoenix from the ashes. She gets out of her rut and makes the move that she needed to make. And it was glorious to see. It’s also glorious to her. Naya Rivera’s smokey sensuous voice flows over the melody and hits the notes with deadly precision. You can see Santana walking down the street in the fire dress from The Hunger Games and utterly owning the city.

3) “Some Nights” (Season Four Episode Seven “Dynamic Duets”)

Anyone having deja vu?

“Some Nights” is when the new cast of New Directions officially arrived. It’s at very fitting tribute to the years past because they recall their very first real group number “Don’t Stop Believing”. No I’m not lying go watch the performance again. Everything is deliberate here. The shot at Finn’s face, the red costumes, the great yet simple choreography. It’s the New New Directions letting everyone know that they are here and that they are not leaving. Period. It fits in with “Dynamic Duets” tones which harkens back to some of the better episodes of season one. It’s wonderful and nostalgic all at the same time.

2) “Footloose” (Season Four Episode Fifteen “Girls (and Boys) On Film”

I wish I could have found pictures of dork scaffolding dancing.

This was amazing. Season four has a lot of really awesome closing numbers. Yeah the ending of the episode felt a little oddly disjointed. But whatever, we got New Directions singing “Footloose”. I’ve been asking for that since season one. I could not be happier right now. I mean yeah I’m kind of bummed they did this AFTER Mike Chang graduated because Harry Shum Jr would have made this number his bitch. We all know it. However, they make up for it with some amazingly complicated legwork and dorkily dancing on the scaffolding. You have to admit that is amazing. This is one of the most choreographically complex numbers i’ve seen yet this season. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

1) “The Scientist” (Season Four Episode Four “The Break-Up”)


I hate one couple one this stage together. I tolerate two because I understand the appeal for them. I absolutely was devastated when one broke up. Yet I was still bawling like a freaking baby during this number. It moved me to tears because how amazing it was to watch. It was just raw emotion and intercut with happier times between the couples. We were all sobbing like nobody’s business. I was a wreck. This was one of the strongest, most gut punching moments that glee has ever produced. I would even say it was better than “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You” as a closing episode number. It just made every shipper in the fandom cry out in pain and they’re still feeling it. No song has better captured heartbreak and broken our hearts as well on glee before or since.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Uh well the song lists are over! Yeah I have a major midterm next week that I am devoting all energies too. However, I may type out something for next week. But I don’t know what yet.

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Notes: What are your favorite songs of Season 4?

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