Top Fifteen Guiltiest Pleasure Songs on Glee

Hello everyone!

Today is the big day where glee celebrates it’s 500th musical number!!!

The guys are super excited!

So I assume you’re wondering why I’m doing a list of guilty pleasures versus doing a top ten list of season four. Well because I don’t want to change my list after watching the episode. So that’s why I’m waiting for tomorrow. Plus I just wanted to do a list that has me squealing about something I really really love.

And I love guilty pleasures. My “Guilty Pleasures: Glee Edition” has a grand total of seventy-two songs from all four seasons. SEVENTY TWO! So while I was hacking away at it I pretty much realized that either I was going to have to double up for all ten spots or just extend the list a couple places. So I decided to extend the list this one time.

Why? It’s a goofy list and it’s pretty much going to be me being like: “This is just so so amazing and why does anyone not see this?!?!?!” a million times in a row.

So how will the list work? Well the more well known and appreciated the song is the lower it will be on this list. The higher it is the weirder this list will get. This is basically me showing you my soft white underbelly. Now I do have to mention that this list will not include any (or many) songs from “Bad Reputation” (season one episode seventeen), “Brittany/Britney” (season two episode two), “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (season two episode five), “Saturday Night Glee-ver” (season three episode sixteen), or “Brittany 2.0” (season four episode two). Why? Because the whole list would be comprised of songs from those episodes and I didn’t think it would be fair.

Speaking of unfair, tomorrow is when I’ll reveal the runners up for “Top Ten Songs of Season Three” and “Top Fifteen Guiltiest Pleasures” because it’s easier to do two lists and then do a list of runner’s up. At least in my head it is.

So we good? Good!

15) “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” (Season Two Episode Eleven “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”)

This is just amazing.

“Thriller/Heads Will Roll” is probably the most popular guilty pleasure within the glee fandom. Though it’s not the best mash-up because it fails slightly on meshing the two songs together. It is a fun one. Plus dude dancing football zombies. How can you beat that?! This was their big airing after the Super Bowl and I want to say well worth it for this amazing number. However, a new person to the show shouldn’t start here. One of my friends who doesn’t watch glee doesn’t get why I find this so amazing. Again dancing football zombies. Case closed.

14) “Animal” (Season Two Episode Fifteen “Sexy”)

OhmyGod the faces…the faces…

In season two nearly every Dalton song was pretty much instantly popular. However, this sticks out as a guilty pleasure because of the performance. Oh. My. God. Those “sexy” faces are hilarious. I just can’t…Kurt you know how to be sexy. I know you do. Has everyone forgotten about “4 Minutes”? It was one of those rare moments that I wished that Kurt Hummel was real so I can be his best friend. This is also one of those moments but only because I could tell him that he’s trying too hard to impress Blaine. Still though those faces along with a great sound makes this song a pleasure to listen to even if I still giggle a bit in memory.

13) “It’s Not Unusual” (Season Three Episode One “The Purple Piano Project”)

Oh…Blaine your Darren is showing.

Blaine does “The Carlton Dance” while singing Carlton Banks’ signature song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

I can’t say anymore than that.

12) “A Thousand Years” (Season Four Episode Twelve “Naked”)

Oh my God the feelings!

This is the lead single off of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two soundtrack. I, like most self respecting English majors and a person of good taste, hate Twilight. I can say this after reading all four books and seeing four of the five movies. The only thing even remotely nice I can say about the merchandise is that the first soundtrack is pretty good. But I hated this single when I first heard it originally. I got twitchy when I heard it in the movie.

Glee made me like it. I hate that they made me like it. So this is a guilty pleasure.

11) “Hungry Like a Wolf/Rio” (Season Three Episode Fifteen “Big Brother”)/”Singing in the Rain/Umbrella” (Season Three

So. Much. Man. Pretty.

Mmmm yummy wet men.

Hiiiiii Mat Bomer. Gosh you look amaaaazing.

Right. So uh everyone remember “Somebody That I Used To Know” more from the episode. However, I kind of prefer the mash-up that the brothers Anderson did together. Why? Because it’s two very pretty men singing the best kind of eighties cheese while dancing around the choir room. Plus it just gives you happy feelings listening to it and it’s just…look at them they’re so adorable here! Why do people like seeing Matt Bomer and Darren Criss have sad faces?! WHY?!

“Singing in the Rain/Umbrella” is a personal guilty pleasure because I hate Holly Holiday as much as a person can hate a fictional character. But I really really really love this song and this mash-up. Water! They made it rain on the stage! It’s glorious!

10) “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” (Season Three Episode One “The Purple Piano Project”)

Ding dong! We’re here for you Season Four Rachel!

This is just so much fun. Honestly if it wasn’t for the music instruments and them clearly in costume, it looks like Chris Colfer and Lea Michele we’re just joking around. And I think I kind of love that fun. Characters are allowed to sing less serious songs and well it just got kind of overshadowed by the “Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do” performance later in the episode. Plus for some reason a good chunk of people seem to not think it’s their best duet. I can’t help but laugh whenever I see it/hear it on my iPod. It’s a lot of fun and showcases great comedic timing.

9) “Celebrity Skin” (Season Four Episode Three “Makeover”) / “Superman” (Season Four Episode Seven “Dynamic Duets”)

I tried to find a gif of Sam stripping and yelling “AMERICA” but the Internet let me down.

Oh. Oh my…Can you two start kissing now please?

“Celebrity Skin” is a bit of an odd song but it’s a fun one. Oddly enough this is the song that has way, way, WAY more chemistry than “Something Stupid” did between the pair. I also like how strangely fitting is that “Celebrity Skin” to be used in a lead up to an election. It’s funny but intense. I really love how well the rock marries with Heather Morris’ and Chord Overstreet’s voices here. They both have a lot of passion but for some reason it was considered less memorable out of an episode that had very few memorable songs. Dude they had flag dancers. I would pay attention to a lot more politics if this kind of stuff happened.

“Superman” is also another guilty pleasure duet. Dude Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist sound AMAZING together and no one seems to remember that. This song was at the bottom of lists of songs in the episode. And yeah it was a great episode with great music but this stuck out in my mind more than some of the other music in the episode. Yeah it did end in a fist fight but you knew either that or them making out was going happen and well passion leads to passion and all that.

8) “Good Vibrations” (Season One Episode Twenty-One “Funk”)

OhmyGod how adorable!

It’s Puck and Finn with backup from Mercedes singing Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. …I have no clue what to say to this except how amazing this idea was and how glad I am that it happened. They all sound great especially Amber. It’s good to see Finn and Puck attempt to dance well. Plus it’s just utterly absolutely and totally adorable! I mean I just wanna hug them!!!

7) “A Little Less Conversation” (Season Three Episode Twelve “The Spanish Teacher”)

Will…what are you wearing.

I hate “The Spanish Teacher”. I loathe the entire episode except for Ricky Martin because it’s really not his fault. But this…ugh it’s character assassination and it makes Will look like a total idiot. I just feel a twitch about my eye develop everytime I see this episode.


Matthew Morrison sounds really really good and puts a lot of passion into a song that fails in execution but sounds beautiful on its own. I love it when he sings in foreign languages. So I’m putting this on the list and giving you something good to listen to performed by Matthew Morrison in his Tony nominated role. God you are a vastly underutilized actor on glee, Matthew.

6) “Don’t Stand So Close/Young Girl” (Season One Episode Ten “Ballad”)/”Hot For Teacher” (Season Three Episode Six “Mash Off”)

We want to stand close to you, Will!!!

Best geometry class ever

I guess I like songs about forbidden relationships? I don’t know.

“Don’t Stand So Close/Young Girl” was such a seamless mash-up that I thought it was a non mashed up song at first. Matthew Morrison again lends his amazing voice here. And well at the end of it, I definitely wanted to stand close to him. As I am sure many people will agree with me on this front. The music is good. The performance is great. However, it just fanned the flames of Rachel’s crush hotter. Sorry Will you are just to sexy when you sing.

“Hot for Teacher” showcases Puck’s rough and rock sensibility in the best way. Its also a very interesting trip inside his mind. Bright colors from the eighties rule along with a sudden dance sequence and a party atmosphere. It felt like an eighties music video which is probably why it was not enjoyed as much. Plus “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You” dominated over the episode. It’s a hard act to live up to when you look at the episode as a whole.

5) “Friday” (Season Two Episode Twenty “Prom Queen”) / “Gangnam Style” (Season Four Episode Eight “Thanksgiving”)

Congratulations. You have the best Friday cover.

This was not horrible at all.

These two songs are going to date the show horribly and I don’t care.

“Friday” is way way better than the actual video. Possibly because they have singers who can actually sing. Mark Salling, Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet knows that this is a joke. They make sure to have a lot of fun with the song that translates into the performance. You wanted to get up and dance around the room like an idiot when you listened to it. It was hilarious when performed at prom. It’s just a good fun cover of a horrible song.

“Gangnam Style” should not have been their Sectionals number. I will agree with you on this. However, no one seems to appreciate that Jenna Ushkowitz had to learn the entire song in Korean! Korean, for those of you who don’t know, is hard language to get a hold of even phonetically as Jenna had to do it. You have to admit with that in mind it’s pretty impressive. Plus everyone has a great amount of energy in their song and performance. I think if it was anything else BUT a competition piece then people would have appreciated it more.

4) “I Kissed a Girl” (Season Three Episode Seven “I Kissed a Girl”)

Sigh. Oh…why me?

I hate myself a little bit for liking this. I hate “I Kissed a Girl” in its original form by Katy Perry. I don’t really like Katy Perry that much as a person but I like some of her songs a lot and it annoys me. This one though I could say I hated. It offended me as an LGBTQ ally. It offended me as a woman. It made me go twitchy the summer that it ruled the airwaves. I was determined to hate glee’s cover of it. Sigh. Then they made it a song that highlights fratty boys interest in lesbians and how they think they could turn them straight after that asshole tried to do so with Santana in the hallway. They attacked “I Kissed a Girl” as an ironic song about how being into girls is not as easy as turning it on or off. They made it a statement in the episode about well how everyone was treating Santana. And I liked it. Plus Lea Michele and Naya Rivera sound really good together. I still really hate the song but at the same time I love what glee did with it.

3) “Hell to the No”, “Trouty Mouth” and “Big Ass Heart” (Season Two Episode Sixteen “Original Song”)/”My Cup” (Season Two Episode Twenty-Two “New York”)

Outside of “Loser Like Me”, these are the greatest original songs that glee has ever produced. They are all in character to the person singing. They are all in the genre of music best suited to the person singing. They are all performed extremely well. They are all the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life. Whenever I’m sad and want to cheer myself, I listen to these songs because you cannot sit there and be miserable while listening to them! You can’t! It’s impossible. My favorite out of the four though? “Trouty Mouth”. Poor Chord Overstreet he will always be known as that.

2) “Centerfold/Hot in Herre” (Season Four Episode Twelve “Naked”) / “The Rain in Spain” (Season Three Episode Eighteen “Choke”)

Unf. I wonder if they could lift me like that.

Joe has excellent hair for head banging.

I just love it when our glee bros just act like total dorks. Or strip.

“Centerfold/Hot in Herre” fulfills both of these requirements. It’s half naked New Directions guys shirtless, working out and lifting things. I feel like I don’t really need explain more than that. You still don’t believe me? Here have another picture.

Oh that is…nice.

“The Rain in Spain” follows the same reasoning. It’s the glee guys singing a punk rock version of My Fair Lady. I don’t really like My Fair Lady that much but this made me like it A LOT. Plus dude it’s a punk rock version of My Fair Lady. That is just insanely kick ass!!!

1) Mister Schue rapping. ALL OF IT.

Behold the utter dorkiness of it all!

I am not even the least bit ashamed about this. I like Will Schuester’s rapping.

He only rapped four times guys. I still don’t get the big deal about why people hate it so much.

I think that it’s kind of hilarious. I mean he doesn’t sound like a bad rapper. But I’m not that big of a rap fan so I can’t really judge it. Still though he’s charming. It’s funny. I think that this was meant to be funny but people got waaaay to up in arms over it. These are the most intentionally unintentional hilarious songs that I have ever heard in my life. I don’t care if this makes me a dork. These are all comedy, guilty pleasure gold mines for me.

Everyone hates them but what can I say? I love them.

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT:  Tomorrow we look at the Top Ten Songs of Season Four (so far)!

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Notes: What are your glee guilty pleasures?

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2 comments on “Top Fifteen Guiltiest Pleasure Songs on Glee

  1. Stephanie says:

    Why else did Matt add “Gold Digger” to his solo performances? I miss his rapping!

    • You and me both sister. It’s so depressing to not have it on Glee anymore. Granted I do love how they showcase his voice with some great classic songs but…the rapping was so amazing!!!

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