Life Lessons From Glee: Adorkable Guys Win

Welcome all to my twenty-fifth OFFICIAL Glee Rewatch Project blog post!!!

This does require some celebration doesn’t it?


This was just epic and hilarious.


God bless you Sam Evans

Right so I bet you all were expecting something deep and introspective or whatever. However, I decided to start a new series instead.

Life Lessons from Glee. 

It’s a pretty self explanatory title. For this series, we are going to take a long hard look at the life lessons that glee teaches us. Some of them are silly. Some of them are serious. Some of them are just plain weird. However, a good chunk of them are applicable to life in some way.

Or first life lesson from glee?

Screw the brooding bad boy, adorkable guys are the best.

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Glee and Social Issues Part 3.5: Why Unique Needs a Boyfriend

Or how Glee is wasting a potential interesting plot point due to reasons unclear to me.

Now let me make myself clear, I want the majority of the Glee cast who has been on for several seasons to stay single for like a season or even half a season. No more of these sudden appearances of love interest just before/after a break-up. No more of hooking up of two random characters episodes after one or both get dumped. No more focusing on romance just for a little bit, guys. I’m really tired of seeing characters build their entire identity around a relationship. We’ve seen these characters in relationships time after time after time. We haven’t seen them explore being single in any meaningful way though.

Seriously, I’m twenty-one. I do not remember my teenage hormones being THAT BAD.

However, my rant about why graduated/current New Directions should be single is another rant for another day.

No. This is about why someone in New Directions NEEDS to be in a relationship. You all talking about how tired you are of the Ryder-Marley-Jake love triangle? Or how about Tina’s creepy crush on Blaine? People kissing girls/boys they aren’t dating? We’ve seen a lot of these played out by different people over the years on Glee. I’m assuming you all are tired of it.

You want something new? A fresh perspective? You want to see a new relationship blossom that is sweet and meaningful right?

My answer is simple.

Give Unique a boyfriend.

Seriously. Give her a boyfriend.

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Top Ten Songs of Season Four of Glee (So Far!)

Hello everyone!

We (and by I mean me) here at the Glee Rewatch Project are still in our Glee 500th musical performance celebration mode!

WOOO! Cafeteria Dance Party guys!!!!

So far I have covered the top ten songs of seasons one, two and three along with my top fifteen guilty pleasure songs.

Today we are going to dive into the current season. Now this list is subject to change because well season four isn’t over yet guys! So after glee ends for the season, I will definitely be making some adjustments on the list.

However, before we tackle the top ten songs of season four (so far), then we need to acknowledge the runners up in both the season three and guilty pleasure categories.

Season Three Honorable Mentions: “Not the Boy Next Door” (Episode Eighteen “Choke”), “Shake It Out” (Episode Eighteen “Choke”), “Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do” (Episode One “The Purple Piano Project”), “Bad” (Episode Eleven “Michael”), “Black or White” (Episode Eleven “Michael”), “Boogie Shoes” (Episode Sixteen “Saturday Night Glee-ver”), “Starships” (Episode Twenty-One “Nationals”), “We Are the Champions” (Episode Twenty-One “Nationals”), “I’m the Only One” (Episode Seven “I Kissed a Girl”), “Cool” (Episode Three “Asian F”), “Uptown Girl” (Episode Five “The First Time”), “Fighter” (Episode Fifteen “Big Brother”), “Somebody That I Used to Know” (Episode Fifteen “Big Brother”), “Fix You” (Episode Three “Asian F”), “How Will I Know” (Episode Seventeen “Dance With Somebody”) “It’s Not Right (But It’s Okay)” (Episode Seventeen “Dance with Somebody”), “We Are Young” (Hold on to Sixteen”)

Guilty Pleasures Honorable Mentions: “America” (Season Three Episode Five “The First Time”), “Baby” (Season Two Episode Thirteen “Comeback”), “Call Me Maybe” (Season Four Episode One “The New Rachel”) ,”Give Up The Funk” (Season One Episode Twenty-One “Funk”), “I Can’t Go For That/You Make My Dreams” (Season Three Episode Six “Mash Off”), “I Wanna Sex You Up” (Season One Episode Three “Acafellas”), “Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash” (Season Three Episode Ten “Yes/No”), “When I Get You Alone” (Season Two Episode Twelve “Silly Love Songs”), “Yeah!” (Season Two Episode Twenty-Two “New York”), all the songs from “Britney/Brittany” (Season Two Episode Two), all the songs from “Britney 2.0”, all the songs from “Bad Reputation” (Season One Episode Seventeen), all the songs from “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (Season Two Episode Five), all the songs from “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

And with that out of the way let’s tackle season four!

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Top Fifteen Guiltiest Pleasure Songs on Glee

Hello everyone!

Today is the big day where glee celebrates it’s 500th musical number!!!

The guys are super excited!

So I assume you’re wondering why I’m doing a list of guilty pleasures versus doing a top ten list of season four. Well because I don’t want to change my list after watching the episode. So that’s why I’m waiting for tomorrow. Plus I just wanted to do a list that has me squealing about something I really really love.

And I love guilty pleasures. My “Guilty Pleasures: Glee Edition” has a grand total of seventy-two songs from all four seasons. SEVENTY TWO! So while I was hacking away at it I pretty much realized that either I was going to have to double up for all ten spots or just extend the list a couple places. So I decided to extend the list this one time.

Why? It’s a goofy list and it’s pretty much going to be me being like: “This is just so so amazing and why does anyone not see this?!?!?!” a million times in a row.

So how will the list work? Well the more well known and appreciated the song is the lower it will be on this list. The higher it is the weirder this list will get. This is basically me showing you my soft white underbelly. Now I do have to mention that this list will not include any (or many) songs from “Bad Reputation” (season one episode seventeen), “Brittany/Britney” (season two episode two), “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (season two episode five), “Saturday Night Glee-ver” (season three episode sixteen), or “Brittany 2.0” (season four episode two). Why? Because the whole list would be comprised of songs from those episodes and I didn’t think it would be fair.

Speaking of unfair, tomorrow is when I’ll reveal the runners up for “Top Ten Songs of Season Three” and “Top Fifteen Guiltiest Pleasures” because it’s easier to do two lists and then do a list of runner’s up. At least in my head it is.

So we good? Good!

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Top Ten Songs of Season Three of Glee

Welcome back to our week long celebration of glee’s 500th musical number!!!

Just be sure you don’t party too hard folks.

She will never be totally clean. Ever. Again. (Snicker)

Rachel knows what I mean.

And you know what is really really hard about writing a top ten list? I have to cut so many amazing songs. I had to make a lot of really legitimately painful decisions when making both of my first two top ten lists otherwise I would have just doubled up on ALL of the songs. So before I start with season three I figure I would mention several honorable mentions from season one and two!

Season One Honorable Mentions: “Rose’s Turn” (Episode Eighteen “Laryngitis”), “Somebody to Love” (Episode Five “The Rhodes Not Taken”), Maybe This Time (Episode Five “The Rhodes Not Taken”), “Hello I Love You” (Episode Fourteen “Hell-O”), “4 Minutes” (Episode Fifteen “The Power of Madonna”), “Like a Virgin” (Episode Fifteen “The Power of Madonna”), “Give Up The Funk” (Episode Twenty-One “Funk”), “Defying Gravity” (Episode Nine “Wheels”) “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (Episode Nineteen “Dream On”), “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (Episode Twenty-One “Funk”), “Jessie’s Girl” (Episode Eighteen “Bad Reputation”), “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” (Episode Thirteen “Sectionals”), “Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin'” (Episode Twenty-Two “Journey”), “Beth” (Episode Twenty “Theatricality”), “The Lady Is a Tramp” (Episode Eighteen “Laryngitis”)

Season Two Honorable Mentions: “”Blackbird” (Episode Sixteen “Original Song”), Empire State of Mind (Episode One “Audition”), “I Love New York/New York, New York” (Episode Twenty-Two “New York”), “Candles” (Episode Sixteen “Original Song”), “For Good” (Episode Twenty-Two “New York”), “Just the Way You Are” (Episode Eight “Furt”), “Marry You” (Episode Eight “Furt”), “She’s Not There”  (Episode Eleven “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”), “Me Against the Music” (Episode Two “Brittany/Britney”), “River Deep, Mountain High” (Episode Four “Duets”), “I’ve Gotta Be Me” (Episode Eighteen “Born This Way”), “Born This Way” (Episode Eighteen “Born This Way”), “Don’t Stop” (Episode Nineteen “Rumours”), “Pure Imagination” (Episode Twenty-One “Funeral”), “Songbird” (Episode Nineteen “Rumours”)

So you see my dilemma right? Glee‘s picks out really good music a lot of the time. And some of them are missing up there because I still have a couple other lists that will incorporate from all seasons! But consider those the runner’s up and it was really very close.

With that in mind let’s take a look at the Top Ten Songs of Season Three!

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Top Ten Songs of Season Two of Glee

Hello everyone!

We are still in the celebration week of glee’s 500th musical number!

As a fan of the show, I am super excited and proud that we can celebrate this achievement. I think glee can claim a world record or something here. Or are they saving this for the 1,000th number?

Now THAT one needs to be insanely epic.

So since I already did a season one list.

Awww thank you Darren for reading my list. (Except not really but hey a girl can dream)

It is time to continue my week long journey into insanity with the TOP TEN SONGS OF SEASON TWO!!!

Let’s do this!

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Top Ten Songs of Season One of Glee

Hello all!

So this Thursday is the 500th musical performance of glee.

Everyone is jumping for joy! Oh Mister Schue…

Yeah! No lie!

We have witnessed 500 songs performed on glee over four seasons. It’s quite amazing and a huge accomplishment.

So with half a thousand songs down, I feel this I should do something this week to honor them. After all I do write a glee blog and do a weekly glee-cap for my job. So that’s what I’m going to do!

This week I am going to write a post a day in celebration of the 500th performance of the show!

Monday: Top Ten Songs of Season One
Tuesday: Top Ten Songs of Season Two
Wednesday: Top Ten Songs of Season Three
Thursday: Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Songs
Friday: Top Ten Songs of Season Four
Saturday: Top Ten Solos (subject to change)
Sunday: Top Ten Duets (subject to change)

God help me. I am doing it.

Here’s hoping I don’t hate myself a week from now.

Why? Because clearly I am a crazy person. Now let’s get to it!

These are the Top Ten Songs of Season of Glee! As decided by me because I’m the one with a blog. These songs will be solos, duets and group numbers.

So let’s get to it!

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