Twenty Five Songs That New Directions As A Group Should Cover

Since glee is on hiatus until March 7th, it’s time to do another  Twenty Five Song list!!!

Especially since I feel energized because a song I suggested on the Twenty Five Songs That the Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover “Old Time Rock and Roll” is going to be covered in episode 15, season 4 “Girls (and Boys) On Film”! Well I totally feel excited and justified to put out another list.

Actually funny thing is one of the songs I originally was going to put on here “Footloose” is also going to be covered in “Girls (and Boys) On Film”.  Since that doesn’t feel kosher for me to put it on now, I had to switch my entire list around.

But I can assure you, it was definitely top ten.

So the rules for this list is that well they are group numbers. So it has to be minimum four members past/present of New Directions and different genders. Most of the entries on this list will consistent of two featured soloists with a “with New Directions” beside it or just “New Directions”.

Plus I’ll try to articulate better as to why this song should be featured though several of the entries here will have the explanation of “Because I really, really, really like it.” But like I said I’ll try to articulate.

So without further ado! Let’s take a look at the Twenty Five Songs That New Directions As A Group Should Cover!!!!

25) Price Tag by Jessie J sung by Brittany, Marley, and Artie with New Directions

This song has been covered before in a related glee show.

Yes. This, according to my research, was covered in The Glee Project. Which personally I have never watched because I’m really not into singing reality competitions. The only one I watch with any regularity is The Voice but that’s because I love watching the judges snark at each other and I like Blake Shelton’s and Adam Levine’s bromance is the cutest thing.

So why do I think this should be covered in the show proper? Because this is a really, really fun song with an awesome rap verse. If you think about the subject matter in a deep meaningful way, it makes the song even more hilarious.

Anyway, I think Jessie J has a really interesting voice and her performance seems very, very fun. Plus we have a guest rapping verse! Artie needs to brush off his rapping skills here folks.

I can also definitely see this as a competition/end of the episode song because it is that strong.

24) Get The Party Started by P!nk sung by New Directions

If we get a prom episode this year, then this is definitely a song that needs to be sung. I don’t know who is going to lead on this one. However, I can tell you why that this needs to be sung. We need really had an awesome getting ready montage before.

I can just see it cut between the guys and the girls of New Directions getting ready for prom. Like in my mind, it’s hilarious watching them all try to strut their stuff while getting ready for prom.

It just looks really funny in my head okay?

23) Clocks by Coldplay sung by New Directions Past and Present

I’m honestly surprised that glee hasn’t covered this song yet. I mean they covered “Fix You” (episode 3, season 3 “Asian F”) and they covered “The Scientist” (episode 4, season 4 “The Break-Up”) but I’m surprised that we haven’t gotten a cover of “Clocks” or hell “Viva La Vida”. Because when I think of Coldplay songs I think of “Clocks” and “Viva La Vida”.

Plus we haven’t gotten a whole group number between all the members past and present.

Now why “Clocks”? Well for a musical reason. I think that there can be a lot of fun harmonizing that can go on. It can also be a funny, almost whisimcal song to shoot with and interconnect between Present New Directions and Past New Directions members. Especially if the camera almost moves like a dancer with a lot of circles and spins.

It may not be a huge song but it can definitely be a touching and interconnecting song between all the characters that we love.

22) Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s sung by Kurt, Finn, Tina, Marley, and Santana

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: why this group?

Well…I figure instead of a couple’s song let’s just have a song  focusing on one half of a couple. Maybe working through their complicated feelings over the party they are/are not involved with at the moment.

The whole song is about being young and only have one night with this person. However, unlike “We’ve Got Tonite” it’s very happy and beachy.

And I kind of love happily morbid songs like that.

21) Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) by Patrick Stump sung by New Directions

Now this?

This is a freaking competition song that perfectly embodies what New Directions is about: being an individual, being yourself, being unique. It can totally be this really awesome, fun competition song.

You just need clever choreography and excellent harmonies.

Also I just really really like Patrick Stump okay guys? He gives me so much feelings.

20) Without Love from Hairspray sung by New Directions with Will Schuester

This is for a purely selfish reason.





That is all.

19) The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth by I Fight Dragons sung by New Directions (Past)

Now see this needs to be sung by past members of New Directions because this is a song that focuses on the past.

The “geeks” here are growing up and out and becoming new and interesting people.

However, at their core, they are total geeks and need to embrace that side too.

18) Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna sung by New Directions Past and Present

Now again this would just be a fun song to see them do.

There is something just so simple about the song but it works for it’s simplicity. Sure Pitch Perfect covered it but I think glee could have some fun with this song as well. Especially as a celebratory group number between Old ND and New ND or maybe just as a sort of awesome coming together song.

Complete with a lot of spinning.

This is a song you need to do a lot of spinning too.

17) Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis sung by Blaine and Sam with New Directions

This is a simple song: a party with your bro and your best friends song at heart kind of tune.

And it is awesome! It has so much fun energy and it’s one of my biggest earworms ever! I keep humming for a week after it appears on my iPod.

The part atmosphere is a delight and I think New Directions needs a little bit more of this kind of simple fun songs.

16) Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows sung by Blaine, Tina, Brittany, Adam, Rachel and Artie

You know I’m surprised glee  hasn’t covered this song yet.

It fits a lot of the odd and sudden crushes/relationships that have popped up this season or in seasons past.

So yes these are the people who I think would fall in being “Accidentally in Love” with someone else and it could be a fun group number (if well divided).

And yes I put Adam in there because Adam needs more songs. He has a lovely voice and plus he’s accidentally in love with Kurt.

It totally fits.

15) 1985 by Bowling For Soup sung by New Directions

I have no reason for this.

Except that I really really really REALLY want to see this sung on glee.

Other than that no reason at all.

Like zero. It’s just one of my top ten favorite songs of all time.

14) Bad Reputation by Joan Jett sung by Sam and Marley with New Directions

Now this song.

We just need some awesome rock and roll sensibility in glee.

After all the real question is…how much does New Directions really care about their “bad reputation”? And out of all the members of New Directions Marley probably has the biggest “bad reputation” within them for ruining Sectionals and Sam has the biggest one for himself because of his grades. So I think it would be an interesting team up.

13) What a Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy sung by New Directions

Okay this is for me. Even more than the Bowling for Soup song was.

However, this is the only way I get a huge mega dose of Fall Out Boy at once because they reference past songs. It’s beautiful and mellow and a little bit bittersweet. I just think this song would be a good group number because a lot of people can get a part here without it feeling too overly divided. The song is meant to be divided.

Plus it’s just really beautiful in my opinion.

12) Dear Prudence by The Beatles cover by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals sung by New Directions Past 

This is just an awesome song however you look at it.

Now the reason I choose this cover by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is because there is this…I don’t want to folk rock quality but there is just something in Grace Potter’s voice and the arrangement that I really really truly love about this song. And I need more of it in my life.

Plus New Directions needs to cover another song.

I choose the past members because again I feel like this suits this time in their lives very well.

11) One Day More from Les Miserables sung by New Directions

They covered three songs from Les Miserables.

And none of them was this piece of amazing-ness. Do you know how much scene change and plot you can get down with this song?!

Seriously glee keep this in mind the next time you cover Les Mis because if you pull another song that isn’t this then I will be very upset with you!

10) Die Young by Ke$ha sung by Brittany with New Directions

I really like morbid party songs okay guys? However, glee has covered Ke$ha in the past and done a good job with a song I liked (Tik Tok) and a song I loathed (D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R.). However this is a Ke$ha song that I can legitimately claim to loving.

Again maybe this stems from my love of morbid party songs. However, I feel like this whole thing about enjoying the moment and just having a good time is a very true sentiment to New Directions.

Also Brittany sings lead because she gets all the Ke$ha songs.

All of them.

9) Make the World Move by Christina Aguilera sung by New Directions

This song is all about using music to promote good vibes of love to the universe. “Turn up the love, turn down the hate” is a line you hear repeatedly in this song. And again I feel like this goes with one of the messages of glee using music and the love of it to battle the haters.

So I think if McKinley does ever do an anti-bullying assembly this song should be at the top of the list.

8) Tainted Love/Baby Love by Soft Cell and The Supremes sung by New Directions

OhmyGod I created a potential mash-up!

I’m proud myself.

I don’t know why these particular songs together make sense. Maybe it’s just because the tones are so different but the content is the same. It’s about having a bad relationship with a person who doesn’t appreciate you.


Has that ever happened before in glee?

Plus after all this nonsense that has been going on with relationships lately this needs to be addressed via song.

7) Hey Baby by No Doubt sung by New Directions

I just think this can provide a lot of fun boys vs girls back and forth on stage with some fun dancing too.

It’s a good dance song and there is an echo back and forth between the guys and the girls. It provides a lot of necessary energy, which I am always for in group numbers and has a great beat that can be messed with a little bit to make it even awesome-er.

Plus it’s No Doubt. You can never have too much of No Doubt.

6) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift sung by New Directions

Because just once I need someone to say that on glee and sincerely mean it dammit!

5) Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas sung by New Directions

Okay so this song does need to be a smidge modernized and needs a little bit more energy.

However, this could be an amazing fantasy sequence/getting out of school song. We need more dance heavy production numbers that are amazing and sweeping and fun. And this song definitely has history of producing them in the past.

4) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins sung by New Directions

If glee ever does a Disney tribute episode, well that is a list in and of itself, but I think that if we got one Disney group song for New Directions it has to be this one.

Which one is more beloved and iconic than “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? It’s practically one of the first songs we learn as children! We need to embrace it and love it and smother it with some much needed hugs.

Plus can’t you imagine how insane that number would be?

3) Faith by George Michael sung by New Directions

Now I heard a rumor last year that New Directions was going to perform this song. And I actually kind of got majorly bummed when that turned out to be false.

Maybe this is the Eli Stone fan in me speaking but yeah I think “Faith” would be an awesome number for New Directions to do.

It’s low key but it’s also very grand which provides an interesting juxtaposition.

2) Tubthumping by Chumbawamba sung by New Directions

Dude how many times have they been knocked down and got up again?

Glee needs to do a one hit wonder tribute episode and this song is the quintessential 90’s one hit wonder. It’s fun and has this huge energy to it. This big amazing party atmosphere that just sweeps over a crowd.

I still listen to this song to get pumped up.

(And so do you.)

1) Carry On by fun. sung by New Directions Past and Present

fun. and glee have definitely hit a lovely partnership of pure awesome. In fact, you could make the case that glee has helped launch fun.’s carrer if you wanted to. But mainly I just think fun. encapsulate’s the message of glee best because the tone of the band’s songs are sweeping grand statements about youth and being young and not knowing who the fuck you are and what the hell you want to do. And I think at the core of it, that is where the music and the show collide the best when it is about the characters being young and not knowing what the hell they want to do with the rest of their lives.

This song would provide the best unity between the past and the present. It’s about the future. It’s about moving on and finding your life and bliss and just taking the future one day at a time.

It’s what makes this song a-maz-ing and perfect for glee. 

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Notes: So any songs you guys think would make an awesome New Directions group cover?

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