Top Five Realistically Weird Plotlines Glee Should Do

Now if we’re being totally honest here folks, then we need to talk about how glee has more twists and sudden plot turns then a soap opera.

Granted I don’t think anyone’s evil twin sextuplet is coming kill them and assume their identity. (Though it would explain Tina’s attitude this season. There’s being “sassy” and then there’s being a bitch guys.) However, you have to admit from teen pregnancies to student-teacher hookups to miraculously recovery from wheelchairs just in time for Nationals, glee d0es love to dip into the soap opera tropes from time to time to varying degrees of success.

By degrees of success, I mean you get the good plots like Quinn’s pregnancy or Kurt transferring between schools at the drop of a hat. Then you get the bad plots like Quinn’s wheelchair thing or Finchel’s (almost) teen wedding of awkwardness.

So do we care that glee as a show is a drama-comedy with soap opera-ish tendencies? Well I don’t. That’s what makes glee fun!

This week I’m going to throw out some realistic yet wild plotlines for the consideration of the glee writers/creators. Now these are “original” plotlines and by original I mean glee hasn’t used them yet.

(Yeah right like they’ll ever read this.)

(Also spoilers up until episode 14 of season 4 “I Do”.)

5) Drunk Vegas Wedding (And For Some Reason They Have to Stay Married For a Period of Time)

Glitz, glamor and random musical numbers? Of course the show should go to Vegas!


Why? Why not?!

I mean if a lot of the characters can travel from NYC or LA at the drop of the hat to Lima, Ohio then why can’t the former or current members of New Directions go to Vegas? We can just say that Nationals is being held there. The former members of New Directions show up and they use some fake I.D.’s to partake in booze either by themselves or with the current members of New Directions. Then they go to a drive through wedding chapel and get hitched.

Now if you want to be boring or whatever then sure you can have couples like Finchel or Klaine getting hitched (ignoring the fact Nevada hasn’t legalized gay marriage but suspension of disbelief).

What do I want though?

I want some fringe couples getting married.

Like Blam, who has just been adorable and awesome. They would be a fun couple to see deal with drunk Vegas shenanigans and being married.  These two really get each other. Unlike some couples on the show, they actually have a base of strong friendship.

And what do people say about marriage? Oh you’re marrying your best friend is all.

Or Blam. Either way it’ll be awesome.

Or Quinntana.  I mean come on guys. You saw “I Do” (season four episode fourteen) that was H-O-T-T HOT! Their marriage would be filled with a lot of sassy one liners and what I’m sure is amazing sex. Again like Blame, Santana and Quinn have a basis of friendship. However, they also know the darkest and diritiest parts of each other. There will be no bullshitting or the like in this drunken Vegas marriage.

Yeah. Brain is still recovering from this awesomeness.

Or if you want to go the hetero couple route then how about Brittany and Mike Chang?

It makes more sense then Bram or Bartie.

Because those two have awesome dancing chemistry. Before Brittana was a viable pairing, I remember hearing Brittany/Mike being tossed around. It would be fun to explore it. Plus I think Brittany married would be hilarious and awesome.

Now the real question is how does it fit on a show like glee?

My answer to this question is this: You have watched the show right? Vegas wedding is not out of the realm of possibility on this show guys. And I’m sure the writers can come up with a decent (ish) explanation of why the couples just can’t get divorced right away. Plus I’m just randomly listing couples here. Viably this plot could happen with any possible pairing on the show.

I mean put alcohol inside of New Directions and they do  some strange shit.

Exhibits A, B, and C

Cast rested.

4) Doorstep Baby   

Special Delivery Surprises!

Hey we’ve had a lot of baby drama on glee. We’ve had teen pregnancy, older than average pregnancy, adoption, whatever you want to call that weird plot in season three with Quinn gunning for Beth, and now Rachel may be pregnant.

(Dear God I am hoping that this is a false positive.  I do not think the world of glee is ready for a pregnant Rachel.)

So yeah babies being involved in glee kind of go hand in hand.

My plot idea for this? Puck comes home and sees a baby on the doorstep with a note that reads “Kid’s yours.” So he decides to raise the kid and it’s a good solid kick in the ass he needs to focus his shit.

Besides you guys did see him interact with Beth last year right? Puck would make an awesome Daddy.

My ovaries are exploding.

Plus all the sweet adorable Mark Salling lullabies that could spring from this.

And hey it doesn’t have to be Puck (it just makes the most logical sense for Puck). You can have any glee kid find a baby on their doorstep and see what they would do in the situation.


Or you can have a baby found on a doorstep all grown up and join New Directions. That would definitely explore some interesting abandonment issues along with providing an odd yet memorable back story.

3) Switched at Birth

Their eyes stare into your soul.

Now I understand that ABCFamily has dominated that corner of the market with their television series Switched at Birth.

Which does legitimately explore the consequences that stem from the action (though come on seriously the families living together?) and the effect it can have on a person’s psyche which does provide for some interesting drama.

I think glee could have some fun with this though. I mean yes they will have to focus a little bit on the psychological consequences of the actions.

Who should it happen too?

Well Brittany and Quinn being switched at birth would definitely be an interesting topic to explore.

Even their mini-mes look alike guys.

Now that would be interesting since it looks clear that Quinn came from an upper crust background and has expectations heaped upon her. While Brittany is well…Brittany in her Brittany-ness.

However, if you don’t what that, well I can’t really offhand think of anything.



What if Sue was switched at birth with someone?!

Oh. My. God.

And her birth parents were these left-wing, liberal hippies that embrace all the stuff that gives Sue a rash? NO! Her birth parents are performance artists. Wacky performance artists.

That would be hilarious.

Of course Sue would triumph over it because she is Sue Sylvester and she has a default of hating glee club, hating Will Schuester and being awesome. Bitches please.

It would be hilarious though.

2) Just a Dream

Come on guys. We can be honest. Don’t we wish somethings in glee where just a dream?

However, if we can’t have that (and we can’t because life hates us) then why not play with this idea?

Seriously the glee writers have done it in the past for stranger concepts! Anyone remember the body swapping?

One of the best moments of Glee ever. Period.

That was just a dream.

Or at least partly inspired by a concussion.

However, I’m talking not fifteen minutes but a whole episode with the audience not knowing it’s a dream.

You can have awesome subtle touches or strangeness that we wished would happen in the episode and then have a character waking up and revealing it was a dream.

Please I think if they let Ian Brennan handle this both writing and directing wise it could be potentially the most wonderfully weird plotline ever.

At least as a starting point because how about something revealed in this dream state reveals something about the character would dreamed it? And the next couple episodes deal with them coming to terms with something about themselves.

This could be an epic plot line if they work it right.

1) Split Personality

Now this may be more at home on American Horror Story. However, thanks to “Naked” (episode twelve season four) the idea has been planted for one former member of New Directions to develop this.

Now this may make me find Rachel interesting again…

Now if you want to know my feelings or opinions of the episode, more specifically the song “Torn”, check out my glee-cap.

Why do I think Rachel would be interesting to develop a split personality?

Well Rachel has never been the most stable character to begin. So it’s honestly that huge of a stretch that pressures of NYADA or her (maybe?) pregnancy or the fact that her boyfriend is a male prostitute to make her crack and develop two personalities.

And maybe one of them I will be able to tolerate if she is like old season one Rachel who was more focused on her career than a man. I miss that.

However, we don’t have to have it be Rachel. Quinn is a pretty viable choice.

Original Recipe Quinn

Because you have to admit that the girl flip flops between sides of herself a lot.

I mean we got Skank!Quinn.

Sigh. I miss Skank!Quinn.

We have what came after Skank!Quinn which is Quinn suddenly and inexplicably obsessed with getting Beth back even though she gave up her maternal rights over her.

I just want to somehow magically get my baby back. It doesn’t work like that.

We have Lucy Caboosey a.k.a. the real original Quinn.

Think I would forget about her did you?

Then we have Quinn post car crash who is only in a wheelchair briefly and dates Joe for a hot minute.

They could have been a cute couple.

Then we have snobby Yale Quinn who magically believes Kitty in “Thanksgiving” (episode eight season four) and is sleeping with her professor.

Clearly she cannot tell when she is being played.

And then we have the Quinn we got in “I Do” who was open about her flaws and slept with Santana.

I liked that Quinn the best.

Me, the audience, and Santana.

I can viably believe that Quinn Fabray has a split personality or something because look at all those things I just listed! She acted like a different person each time.

So yes I, and possibly a good chunk of the viewing audience, can believe that either Quinn Fabray or Rachel Berry have a split personality.

Though if you really want to go out of left field in this plot line then I say go for broke.

Give Blaine a split personality.

Oh this is going to be good.

Why Blaine? Why not Blaine?

Also I think he’s hiding more of himself than he presents. It would be interesting for him to have developed this confident, suave persona after his Sadie Hawkins bashing ( and yes I understand he was over it in the “Sadie Hawkins” episode eleven season four but that was bull and just follow my logical on this guys) in order to fit in at Dalton but also to not think about his bashing and to deal with guilt.

So you have Blaine who is charming, confident, smart, cool and the perfect teenage dream. Then you have his alternate personality who is dorky, shy, nerdy, uncomfortable around others and very artistically weird.

Shirtless painted Darren! You’re welcome.

That could be really interesting to explore.

Plus unlike Rachel who is a little too much Lea Michele now for my liking I think Blaine needs a little bit more bleed over with Darren Criss.

So that’s it! These are the Top Five Realistically Weird Plotlines Glee Should Do.

Thank you for reading one of the weirdest things I ever had to write for this blog so far.

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Notes: So what are other realistically weird plotlines you think that glee should cover guys?

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