Twenty Five Songs That New Directions As A Group Should Cover

Since glee is on hiatus until March 7th, it’s time to do another  Twenty Five Song list!!!

Especially since I feel energized because a song I suggested on the Twenty Five Songs That the Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover “Old Time Rock and Roll” is going to be covered in episode 15, season 4 “Girls (and Boys) On Film”! Well I totally feel excited and justified to put out another list.

Actually funny thing is one of the songs I originally was going to put on here “Footloose” is also going to be covered in “Girls (and Boys) On Film”.  Since that doesn’t feel kosher for me to put it on now, I had to switch my entire list around.

But I can assure you, it was definitely top ten.

So the rules for this list is that well they are group numbers. So it has to be minimum four members past/present of New Directions and different genders. Most of the entries on this list will consistent of two featured soloists with a “with New Directions” beside it or just “New Directions”.

Plus I’ll try to articulate better as to why this song should be featured though several of the entries here will have the explanation of “Because I really, really, really like it.” But like I said I’ll try to articulate.

So without further ado! Let’s take a look at the Twenty Five Songs That New Directions As A Group Should Cover!!!!

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Top Five Realistically Weird Plotlines Glee Should Do

Now if we’re being totally honest here folks, then we need to talk about how glee has more twists and sudden plot turns then a soap opera.

Granted I don’t think anyone’s evil twin sextuplet is coming kill them and assume their identity. (Though it would explain Tina’s attitude this season. There’s being “sassy” and then there’s being a bitch guys.) However, you have to admit from teen pregnancies to student-teacher hookups to miraculously recovery from wheelchairs just in time for Nationals, glee d0es love to dip into the soap opera tropes from time to time to varying degrees of success.

By degrees of success, I mean you get the good plots like Quinn’s pregnancy or Kurt transferring between schools at the drop of a hat. Then you get the bad plots like Quinn’s wheelchair thing or Finchel’s (almost) teen wedding of awkwardness.

So do we care that glee as a show is a drama-comedy with soap opera-ish tendencies? Well I don’t. That’s what makes glee fun!

This week I’m going to throw out some realistic yet wild plotlines for the consideration of the glee writers/creators. Now these are “original” plotlines and by original I mean glee hasn’t used them yet.

(Yeah right like they’ll ever read this.)

(Also spoilers up until episode 14 of season 4 “I Do”.)

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Glee Episode Retrospectives: Silly Love Songs and Heart

Happy Valentines Day all!

Or as I like to call it Single Awareness Day because I am acutely aware how single I am.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day card. Everyone deserves one.

So another tradition that glee seems totally invested in is the Valentine’s Day episodes.

Which like the Christmas episodes make a lot of sense because well there are a shit ton of love songs of any type in the world. It makes logical sense for a show as invested in music as glee would go this route.

However, unlike the Christmas episodes which has been hit or miss with viewers the Valentine’s episodes have been more hit than miss (season four episode fourteen “I Do” has yet to be seen).

So before tonight when you curl up with a box of store bought chocolates and curse all the schmoopy couples on Valentine’s Day (me). Or on the other hand when you curl up with your significant other who you were able to convince the episode with you. We should definitely take a look at both of these episodes.

So let’s start shall we!

(Spoilers for season two episode twelve “Silly Love Songs” and season three episode thirteen “Heart”. Possibly others as well. So go spoil yourself before reading this.)

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Bad Glee Theatre: Britney/Brittany

Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I wrote something. I’m trying to put at least one thing up a week for you all. But well school for me started up again so I just needed to adjust to my new schedule and the like. But you don’t want to hear me chatter away about college classes and the like. So let’s get started!

Glee is a show of hits and misses, ons and offs.

I still stand by my theory that glee at its basest level is a tonal show. The show itself is a teenager, an metaphorical entity of those growing pains and awkwardness unto its own being. Right now in the fourth season, glee has found a good balance like a senior in high school where it is balanced, a little bit crazy but wholly has found itself. Now if they (writers and producers and all that put into this) can keep this up is something yet to be seen.

Like I say, this is the Season of Cautious Optimism.

In the past, not so much, season one was solid in the first half but a bit rushed on the back nine, and while season three had several extremely strong episodes the whole season was a mess. So the fact that season four has found something then it’s a good thing.

There are some things that are stupid in season four but on the whole? I think this has been the best season of glee yet.

However, we had to go through a lot of shitty episodes to get to where we are now. Which is how this series came to be. Because to truly appreciate the goodness of what we’ve been given now you need to look at the really really bad stuff.

Now glee comes in two flavors of bad in my opinion. The first flavor is the so bad you just need to find it absolutely hilarious because of how utterly bad it is like a campy mess.  The second flavor of bad is the times you wish the show was a person so you can punch them in the face of the utter garbage you just wasted on hour of your life watching.

We’ll be covering both in this series which I am currently calling “Bad Glee Theatre” to make it sound classier than I’m sure this series will be. I’m predicting it ending with me in a cursing mess by episode for the so bad you need to punch someone ones or the cackling I get at the end of the so bad it’s awesome ones.

So let’s get this party started shall we? Today on “Bad Glee Theatre” we’ll be covering the first Britney Spears tribute episode. Both of them were bad but this is the worst and it’s so bad I want to punch someone in the face.

The role of Rachel Berry would be played by Britney Spears.

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