Twenty-Five Songs That The Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover

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Hiiiiiiiiii you guys.

You were expecting Glee and Social Issues (Part Three): Brittany and Unique where I explore bisexuality and transgender on the show weren’t you?

Yeah…I’m working on it. Really I am. You can ask my friends because I have been working on this for a week solid and I still wasn’t happy enough with my progress.

Because well it’s taking a longer time to write this thing out. Mainly because I’m having trouble figuring out how exactly I want to put everything out there. Unique’s part is pretty much done. But well anyone who has been on the Internet has a general idea the landmine that glee in regards to the portrayal of bisexuals on the show can be. So I’m taking my time figuring out exactly what I want to say on that front and I’ll be posting next week. I will pull all nighters if I must to get this out.

But well I wanted to post something for the week, so I’m taking a break from Glee and Social Issues to do another list.

(I am so sorry about all the lists guys. Really.)

So I take you all remember my Twenty-Five Songs That The Ladies of New Directions Should Cover post. Well like I said there I wanted to make a series out of it. So this is part two where we take a look at the guys (minus Kurt because he goes into the New York category now) of New Directions and what songs I think they should do.

So that’s what we’re doing this week.

These are the Twenty-Five Songs That The Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover in no particular order (except the top five).

25) Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Blaine Anderson

This is probably cheating because Darren Criss sang this song (look above for the song). However, I really do love his interpretation of it.  Plus he does such a good job with it.

Now I’m not sure how famous this song really is because well I don’t know much behind how popular the music from How to Succeed is outside the Brotherhood of Man song (which we’ll get to later). However, Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm is a fun song. It’s a little bit dreamy and silly and has a nice tempo and Darren’s voice goes really well the song.

But hey since Blaine”s auditioning for NYADA maybe this could be his daring audition song? I bet Carmen never saw this interpretation before.

24) Old Time Rock N’ Roll by Bob Segar – Noah “Puck” Puckerman, Finn Hudson, Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn

Oh can’t you feel the amazingness jumping at you from your computer?

Now since Jake and Ryder are the rough equivalents of Puck and Finn I thought this would be a fun and interesting passing of the torch. Ryder and Jake are already having the beginnings of an epic bromance. Puck and Finn well their friendship is complicated but they are still friends. So yeah I think that this passing of the torch needs to happen at some point. Whether in some small way or some big way pass the torch the next generation of New Directions.

And what better way than a little bit of Risky Business style dancing to an awesome song?

23) Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy – Current New Directions Gentlemen

Once upon a time, I was the biggest Fall Out Boy fan on planet Earth. Don’t get me wrong I still love their music and was devastated when they broke up. But yeah I have new loves in music now but this group holds a special place in my heart.

And this song was my graduation song. It was a different version of it with one friend playing the piano but it made it oddly haunting.

Still instead of a New Directions song as a whole it screams to me that should go to the guys of New Directions. I think it would be an awesome song for these guys to sing. It has a lot of energy that I love to see when the guys in New Directions do a number. It has a fun beat and dude let Jake show off those sweet moves.

DUDE! Let Jake and Mike show of their sweet moves! I just blew my mind!

Now this needs to happen.

22) My Generation by The Who – Former New Directions Gentlemen Number

I just love this freaking song so much. And now that we have some New New Directions and Old New Directions interacting with each other, this song would be appropriate for the members of the old regime to get together and sing about “their” generation. They were the first generation of guys in New Directions (I’m including Sam in this because  yeah I just am) so ergo they should sing this song.

Now you’re wondering why Blaine isn’t here. He was with the Warblers first then migrated it just didn’t seem right but hey if you want to include him there mentally go for it. I’m doing the same with Matt Rutherford.

Anyone else remember Matt?

21) Flavor of the Weak by American Hi-Fi – a New Directions Gentleman 

Currently there are no couples in or out of New Directions that I feel like this song can be applied to. However, this song is epic and it needs to be sung by a future New Directions guy some day. This is the like one of the best ‘dissing the stupid guy you’re with so let’s get together baby because he is an asshole’ songs ever.

So yes a New Directions Guy in the future and I don’t care who needs to sing this song.

Really. They do.

20) The Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte – Finn Hudson and Noah “Puck” Puckerman

These two guys have not one goddamn clue what they want to do with their lives.

And that is okay. I’m twenty-one and I barely have a clue about what I want to do. Look at the world we live in. Most days I want to stay in bed and hide from the horrifying reality that is becoming an adult in today’s society.

This song encapsulates what Puck and Finn are probably feeling. They don’t have any real substantial plans right now. They are stuck in Lima (so to speak Puck moved back my argument is valid). I also think this would blend well with their voices.

19) All the Small Things by blink-182 – Current New Direction Gentlemen 

Sooo I have been hearing this rumor about glee doing a boy band episode in the near future like as a tribute. And hey that sounds pretty cool. Boy bands ruled the world when I was growing up with The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. And now they’re making a come back today with One Direction and The Wanted.

The reason I bring this up when talking about a blink-182 song is because All the Small Things mocks boy bands. If you’re doing an episode about boy bands then you need to have this song in it. It’s lovingly mocking everything wonderful about boy bands and if glee is going to recreate a music video then it might as well be this one.

18) The One That Go Away by Katy Perry – Ryder Lynn or Noah “Puck” Puckerman

You thought I was going to say Blaine didn’t you?

Nope! If Blaine didn’t want Kurt to be “the one that got away” then he wouldn’t have cheated on him. So he doesn’t get a Katy Perry song.

Instead Ryder and Puck get this song. Jake has Marley. Ryder really likes Marley. Marley is currently Ryder’s “one that got away”. Puck well…Puck doesn’t have the best track record with women. It makes sense.

Ooooh maybe we can get a duet out of this?


17) Drops of Jupiter by Train – Jake Puckerman

This song is an interesting romance song. But with the right arrangement and mood, this could be a very romantic gesture and good croon worthy song.

I just want some Jarley action.

16) Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days – Sam Evans or Artie Abrams or  Noah “Puck” Puckerman

This could go three ways for a solo. But the song is classic nostalgia.

And the song about a girl who cries in a river and drowns the whole world could fit with either of these singers. Puck and Sam dated Quinn who is a bit damaged. Artie and Sam have dated/are dating Brittany who when she cries does make you feel like the worst person on planet Earth.

So Absolutely (Story of a Girl) is a good fit for either of this New Direction men.

15) I Feel Like Dancin’ by All Time Low – Current New Directions Gentlemen

This has to be done in some capacity. It just has to. It’s silly and funny and irreverent and pokes at things with love. Do it at a dance. Do it during lunch.

Just have these guys up there singing this song. I am begging you glee. I just want one song where I can see the guys of New Directions be utterly, utterly dorky.

I feel like I’m not asking for much here.

14) White and Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic – Sam Evans and Artie Abrams

Sam and Artie are the clear nerds of New Directions.

They rap.

And they are white.

So nerds plus white plus some rapping skills equals them having to do White and Nerdy.

Seriously not all of the songs on glee has to be super serious and stuff. They did a punk rock version of The Rain in Spain that was epic! They can do something intentionally hilarious like this!

13) Build Me Up Buttercup originally by The Temptations, cover by You, Me, and Everyone We Know – New Directions Gentlemen

This song is a really good song. It is sweet, simple,  fun and flirty. It’s a good little tune about this guy trying to get this girl to notice him but for some reason she doesn’t. This is a good song!

The cover of the song that I like for glee to do has a lot of this rock energy that most of the guys of New Directions tend to graviate toward. But on its own this song is also very energized. There is a lot of passion in it that feels a little more raw and real and a bit desperate.

Without being utterly creepy.

12) Gold from Once – Sam Evans or Jake Puckerman

Once is an awesome musical and the soundtrack to it is just this whole thing of mellow beauty.  Gold is just the most perfect example I can think from the musical. It’s got this almost hypnotic quality to the melody. It’s just beautiful starting with a guitar and then more music comes in and it culminates in all of these voices together.

Now I would give this song to Rory since Irish but since Rory is no longer with the show, I think Sam or Jake could do a good job with this song. Both of them have a wonderful silky quality to their voices that can take on this song.

Plus it would be a good opportunity to see the band guys participate.

11) Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening – Current Gentlemen of New Directions

Oh hey baby Jonathan Groff and baby Lea Michele getting frisky! Yep a Spring Awakening song made it onto the list. Though I am surprise a song from that Broadway show hasn’t made it onto the glee yet. Now I know this song is unlikely to be on the show but this is my list so I can put whatever I want on here.

This song is just a bro song. It’s about a bunch of guys getting together and talking about how much teenage hormones suck. It’s kind of perfect for glee a.k.a. one of the most hormone driven shows in existence. Seriously people can’t be friends with one another without getting these crushes on each other. What’s up with that? Can’t we have a real friendship on the show and not have it end in the crush.

So yeah if you need a song about teenage boys being teenage boys here’s your song glee! Good luck getting it past the censors!

10) Lollipop cover by Ben Kweller – a New Directions Gentleman 

This song is all about nostalgic value. I mean everyone remembers that Dell commercial from a few years back right?

God I wish they could release that cover.

Anyway! This song is a fun, romantic song. It’s also been around for a long time. Let’s face it glee does prefer the more recent end of the music spectrum. I would like to see a couple of good solid older songs be exposed to a new generation. And this is just a very sweet song to be exposed too. It also is very honest and could be tweaked in a bunch of different ways. Any of the New Directions men could utilize this song to any number of different genres and styles.

9) Last of the American Girls by Green Day – Noah “Puck” Puckerman

When Puck meets the love of his life or a girl who treats him pretty well, this is the love song I want him to sing to her. Puck has grown a lot over the past several seasons of the show but I don’t think that he has really found a girl that compliments him well. At least not yet. So when Puck meets his dream girl I want him to sing a song that is heartfelt and raw, sweet but with a good rocker edge to it.

Last of the American Girls just seems to fit the bill the best here to me. The whole song just encapsulates that vibe.

8) Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s – Joe Hart

Goddammit Teen Hippie Jesus deserves his own solo! Rory had like what five solos during season three? Joe deserves at least one song all of his own dammit!  And this song is about love and only having tonight with that love. Maybe it’s not as church-y but it has a good hippie and loving vibe to it.

It’s mellow. It’s sweet. It has a good beat and it would fit wonderfully with Samuel Larsen’s underutilized voice. He can play his guitar and rock his dreads and go barefoot. It fits with this song! Joe deserves just one solo! This is the song that fits best with what we know of Joe’s character without going into Christian Rock.

Come on guys! One song! Please? He’s so pretty.

7) You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi – Any New Directions Gentleman in a break-up

Seriously guys…how come this song has never been used before?!

You know with all the break-ups this club has gone through yeah I’m legitimately surprised that none of the guys has used this song after a break-up! The majority of these boys LOVE their eighties cheese! It’s Bon Jovi!

What the hell, glee?! What the actual hell!

You have to use this! You have broken up couples now! Have one person in the break-up screw with the other person and BOOM! You can use this song!

6) Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant – Finn Hudson

This song is another song about self doubt. Finn has a lot of self doubt lately. Mainly though I think this is a departure from what Finn does while simultaneously staying true to his usual style. It has a lot of inner conflict in the lyrics about trying to figure out who you are, what kind of person you want to be in the world.

Finn is trying to figure out what kind of man he is. I think that this exploration would be best personified in this song.

5) If I Can’t Love Her from Beauty and the Beast – a New Direction Gentleman

This song is just absolutely gorgeous. Seriously it’s the ultimate self beat down over not being good enough for the girl you love. It needs to be sung by someone on the show. It just needs to come up that sometimes people  guys or girls don’t think they are good enough for the one they’re with or want to be with. It should be something to explore through a relationship perspective.

The song itself is raw and one of my favorite Broadway numbers period. Like I said there is just so much emotion placed into it by the Beast here and it just carries. First time I heard it I cried.

4) Bye, Bye, Bye by *NSYNC – New Directions Gentlemen

Seriously this inevitable boy band tribute episode better have this song in it. I would put BackStreet’s Back on the list but yeah sorry I was an *NSYNC girl first and foremost. Personal preference wins here.

Please please please please glee make this episode happen in its cheesy glory. I and the fans are begging you here.

Boy Band Episode.

Make. It. Happen.

Please. Please. Please. Please.

3) Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Former male New Directions members

Come On Eileen is an awesome folksy song from the eighties.

Now the reason I specified with the whole former part is because of the message of the song. Once you look up lyrics you can see the whole song is about running away from this boring town.  You go out into the world and try to have a better life than what your parents had.

Have a life of adventure and romance over this boring town where everyone seems so dead.

Yeah. This is the perfect song to be sung on the show. Like seriously!

2) Seize the Day from Newsies or Brotherhood of Man from How to Succeed – New Directions Gentlemen

Newsies is the most awesome musical movie turned Broadway musical ever! The show was nominated for a slew of Tony Awards last year. And if Blaine Anderson does not know nor try to introduce this musical for the guys then I will be sorely disappointed.

The whole song is just this awesome experience of camaraderie and music and joy and connection. Plus it’s just a happy song.

It’s a song about brotherhood.

Speaking of brotherhood, it’s also why I had to tie it with Brotherhood of Man from How to Succeed. It’s a song not about camraderie the way Newsies is but rather respecting the people that surround you. Both of which I think would fit in with the gentlemen of New Directions learning how to get along or just celebrating their fraternity.

Either song would be an awesomely fun dynamic group performance.

1) I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness – New Directions Gentlemen (past and present)

THIS SONG! This song is all the glorious cheese of the eighties in 2003. It’s a glorious from the flasetto notes to the guitar to the music video.

Dear sweet baby Jesus the music video! It harkens back to early MTV music videos in the best way.

The New Direction guys could totally do this. Like I don’t know find some way to bring in theatricality again in their lives. Let them embrace the cheese and bro out together. This falls into the perfect genre and the perfect way and just absolute perfection to see this happen.

It would be epic, epic, epic if done right.

NEXT ON GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Glee and Social Issues Part Three I swear!

Notes: I got a job! I’ll be writing for PopWrapped! Currently right now they’re on tumblr at but soon they’ll have their own site too! So I HIGHLY suggest you check it out! So things will be slow updating once school starts back up on Jan. 30th for me. I just need to get used to my new job and the workload at school  and this! So please bear with me!

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