Glee and Social Issues (Part Three): Blaine, Brittany and Unique

Welcome back to Glee and Social Issues!

Now as I said in my Part One of this series, glee does depict gay characters rather well and tackles the issue of bullying also rather well. With Marley’s storyline in season four I can also say that, in my opinion, they’re tackling her eating disorder storyline also rather well (but hey the season’s half over so who knows?). I can say that they tackled the topic of Part Two of Glee and Social issues better with Marley than they’ve done in the past.

So in Part Three, I’m going to be discussing the other two parts of LGBT, mainly the B & the T a.k.a. bisexuality and transgender.

And well before I get into that landmine area (at least where the bisexuality is concerned) let me get the usual spiel out of the way.

As always all of the stuff in this post is based on my own observations and conclusions drawn through a rewatch of the television show Glee. This is just MY opinion. If you agree fantastic if you don’t then I respect your opinion too. 

(This post contains spoilers up to episode eleven of season four “Sadie Hawkins”. As well as references to shows outside of glee that will be spoiled. Sorry guys I needed examples outside the show for this.)

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Twenty-Five Songs That The Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover

Eh. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Hiiiiiiiiii you guys.

You were expecting Glee and Social Issues (Part Three): Brittany and Unique where I explore bisexuality and transgender on the show weren’t you?

Yeah…I’m working on it. Really I am. You can ask my friends because I have been working on this for a week solid and I still wasn’t happy enough with my progress.

Because well it’s taking a longer time to write this thing out. Mainly because I’m having trouble figuring out how exactly I want to put everything out there. Unique’s part is pretty much done. But well anyone who has been on the Internet has a general idea the landmine that glee in regards to the portrayal of bisexuals on the show can be. So I’m taking my time figuring out exactly what I want to say on that front and I’ll be posting next week. I will pull all nighters if I must to get this out.

But well I wanted to post something for the week, so I’m taking a break from Glee and Social Issues to do another list.

(I am so sorry about all the lists guys. Really.)

So I take you all remember my Twenty-Five Songs That The Ladies of New Directions Should Cover post. Well like I said there I wanted to make a series out of it. So this is part two where we take a look at the guys (minus Kurt because he goes into the New York category now) of New Directions and what songs I think they should do.

So that’s what we’re doing this week.

These are the Twenty-Five Songs That The Gentlemen of New Directions Should Cover in no particular order (except the top five).

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The Top Ten Best Glee Episodes of 2012

Hello all!

Happy New Year!

This…this is…disturbing and rather frightening at the same time. Mommy.

Did everyone have a good 2012? You all excited about 2013? I am! But mainly because thirteen is my lucky number so I’m hoping 2013 will be my lucky year.  Also my birthday is in a few days so I’m super excited about that!

Although you know bored out of school because school won’t start back up for me until the beginning of February. So I expect to be battling with writer’s block and then not on and off these next few weeks. Ugh you can feel my eye roll from here.  Seriously why is it when I have no time I have all these brilliant ideas but when I do have time my brain decides to shut off?

It seems counterproductive or something.

So anyway most websites (at least the ones I visit) usually do a Top (Insert Number Here) of (Insert Year Here). So since I have my glee blog here I am going to do a list of my own.

(Also I should really stop writing lists because I feel I am writing way too many of them.)

So I decide to do a top ten glee episodes of 2012 and ONLY 2012. So that means I’m rating all the episodes we got in 2012 from season three episode ten’s “Yes/No” to season four episode ten’s “Glee, Actually”. So any and all episodes are available for this list and maybe I’ll do like the top five worst that we got for the year too or something in another post.

(Spoilers up until season four episode ten “Glee, Actually”. Also remember this list is opinion based and that I am only covering episodes from the year of 2012 regardless of season. Also this contains a lot of ranting, applying real world logic to glee and drooling over Matt Bomer. You have been warned.)

Oh side note since I talk about Unique/Wade Adams in this. If I have Wade then I call her Wade (guy clothes). When Unique is Unique then I call her Unique. I don’t know if this is proper etiquette and if it’s wrong then someone please correct me but it’s what I’m doing right now. Until someone corrects me.

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