The Top Ten Christmas Songs In The Glee Christmas Specials

Merry Christmas Gleeks!

Look at the season one New Directions!

So how has your Christmas been? You got that (insert gift here) that you wanted? I know I got what I wanted! Though I’m still working on that whole Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Man stuff that I always put on my list every year and people give me strange looks for.

On this Christmas Day though my gentle Gleeks we will be doing a countdown.

Of the Top Ten Christmas Songs in The Glee Christmas Specials!

Okay so basically this list has a two rules: it has to be a song actually IN one of the three Christmas Specials and it has to be about Christmas . Okay?

Also apologies for any grammatical errors since I’m bounding this out so we can have it in time for Christmas (damn food poisoning).

(This spoils ever so slightly up until episode ten of season four “Glee, Actually”. As always this is opinion based!)


Santa Baby cut from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” sung by Santana Lopez

Since this didn’t actually make it into the episode this isn’t going to be on my list. However,  if Santa Baby did make it into the episode it would probably be in my top three so that’s why it’s getting mentioned here.

Now why do I like it so much? Well the main one is that when I heard Santana was going to get this song I thought it was the best idea ever. Though I kind of wished she did make it a little more Eartha Kitt sexy. However, she was sultry and fun plus it looked like whatever led to this scene would have given us more closure on the whole Finn-Santana debacle earlier in the season. Plus even though I can’t find the full cut performance I believe the season three DVD bonus features have it somewhere and I suggest you check it out. She totally kills it.

Tch. All I gets is an honorable mention. I am so out of here.

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah from “Glee, Actually” sung by Jake and Noah Puckerman

See this song was in the special physically but it’s a Hanukkah song. And uh it didn’t feel right to lump in Christmas and Hanukkah together for a list about Christmas music. So I’m giving it an honorable mention because it is just so good. It is really one of the more energetic numbers and I loved hearing the Puckerman brothers sing together.

It’s just a joy to listen to and to watch be performed.

Oh look at all the singing man pretty (though not following real world logic at all).

You’re a Mean One Sue the Grinch from “A Very Glee Christmas” – k.d. lang

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it was never officially released? I just don’t feel like it’s fair putting this one on the list proper. It’s hilarious and fun in this format and You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch with Matthew Morrison going gloriously over the top in his reading of the story. But I just don’t feel like it would be fair putting this on the list. It is fun though. And I wished they released the song from the show with the song proper because both are very good.

Sue is now auditioning for Elphaba in Wicked. She’s very method.

Now onto the actual list!

10) We Need A Little Christmas from “A Very Glee Christmas” – New Directions

Hey when I need to get into the Christmas mood this is the song that I go to believe it or not. I feel like this a very under appreciated song in the grand scheme of things. It’s festive and fun and has that right amount of oomf to it. It just kind of gloriously surrounds itself in the Christmas cheese. And then the song starts to drag you into it and before you know it…it’s too late you’re grinning like a loon and humming the song.

This song puts you in the spirit of Christmas. Hell I list to this year ’round. I need a little Christmas the rest of year not just at Christmastime.  However, I will admit that it wasn’t very memorable in the episode and didn’t last very long.  All in all though I think it has wormed a place into our hearts mayhaps?

Look at our festive sweaters (Kurt would kill us for wearing these).

9) Let It Snow from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” – Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

(I actually found a legit glee performance on YouTube! I’m so happy!)

Now it’s a yearly tradition for Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson to do a duet at Christmas. (Though I wonder how this will happen in season five.)  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Let It Snow. If  I didn’t then it wouldn’t be on my list plain and simple as that. However I didn’t place it higher than number nine because I know that Kurt and Blaine could do so much better. Maybe it was the arrangement that threw me off? I don’t know.  It’s just after the absolutely beautiful and amazing and sweet Baby It’s Cold Outside (and this is the only version of the song I will say those things about)…Let It Snow feels like a bit of a letdown.

It isn’t that Darren Criss and Chris Colfer aren’t trying. They are. They give this song their all. It’s gloriously cheesy and over the top…I should like this whole thing a lot more. I just don’t feel as satisified with it ultimately. I guess with a lead in like Baby It’s Cold Outside it…it just doesn’t deliver on that level.

It does get bonus points for being campy and fun.

Jeez this is expensive for a PBS set.

8) Last Christmas from “A Very Glee Christmas” – Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry

Goddammit Finchel why?! It must be the Christmas spirit or something.  Look I’m not a Finchel hater. I’m just cynical with these two kids which I will get into much, much later and not on Christmas.

However, this was the first Christmas song that glee released and it is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever (because I’m apparently depressing like that). I guess I like songs that take a bit of the shine off of some of the faker cheer that surrounds the holiday. And it’s…just so overwrought with teen angst. I thought they gave each other their hearts in episode twenty two of season one “Journey”?

The shooting of this scene, the arrangement of the music and the overridden teen angst is reason its at number eight on the list. Plus a…Christmas tree lot…okay perfect place to address your failed relationship.

“Psst Fred. Why are they singing?” “I don’t know Jimmy.Just stay very very still.”

7) Feliz Navidad from “Glee, Actually” – Artie Abrams

It’s the combination of surrealist imagery of Artie’s It’s A Wonderful Life world in Sue’s craft room,  the sheer cheesiness of the song, the black and white of the scene and Kevin McHale’s dancing. Like I said I love it when things get odd. And this is definitely odd. I was cracking up at everyone’s faces and how goddamn happy Artie was it. It was just…infectious. This was my favorite part of Artie’s whole sequence. This was just…so so so funny.

Although I prefer happy odd then this strange kind of mean odd which is why it gets number seven on the list.

Ole baby!

“Well Abrams’ has cracked.”

6) White Christmas from “Glee, Actually” – Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

See here is where arrangement is everything versus plot and shooting. The reason Let It Snow is number nine and the reason White Christmas whose context I think in “Glee, Actually” is…misplaced is number six. White Christmas has an arrangement that I just absolutely love more than anything else I’ve heard. And there was chemistry here in the song between Darren and Chris. While it’s dripping with it like Baby It’s Cold Outside it doesn’t feel as awkward as Let It Snow.

It feels like the two of them have reached this accord with each other. That they want each other to be happy and have White Christmases even if it’s not with the other. Plus like I said I love this fun, kind of beachy but not arrangement. It makes you happy listening to it.

It would be really awkward if one of us fell right now.

5) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” – New Directions

What can I say? I love understated group numbers like this. It captures…a feeling for me. This quite song captures the feeling of contentment after Christmas as a child. You are tired and everyone in your family is leaving. You look up and yawn and smile at your family and wish them a Merry Christmas before you drift of to dreamland utterly exhausted. It’s the fact that it keeps this tone and feeling that leaves me impressed. I don’t need a big blowout song. I love group numbers that are just quiet when they need to be. The music and the shooting bring everyone together (even if the stories didn’t totally tie in with each other in the end).

I still think this is a sweet song that I will enjoy for many future Christmases to come.

I can’t believe we all were free Christmas day to do this.

4) The First Noel from “Glee,  Actually” – Marley Rose

I never liked this song much growing up. So I’m surprised that I like the glee version so much. It could be because of Melissa Benoist’s voice. It could be just the simplicity of the how it is presented. It could be something that I can’t put my finger on. I may like odd surreality but I am also a fan of simplicity and moments that tug at our heartstrings. I Want to Hold Your Hand is probably my favorite Kurt performance of all time because of this fact. So maybe the fact that all Marley can give her Mom is a song for Christmas after all that she went through…after all she is going to go through…maybe it speaks to me.

It’s simple and it’s beautiful and that alone is good enough to get to number four on my list.

I just wanna huuug her and braid her hair.

3) Christmas Wrapping from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” – Brittany S. Pierce

I love this song. I love this song. I love this song. I let out an embarrassing squeal of delight when I found that glee would be covering this and that Brittany would be singing it.  It makes total sense to me.

I love how Mike is Asian Santa. I love all the the ribbon work. I love how random it is just happening like…’what’? I just love this number. It’s fun and silly and high energy. It makes me love the campy aspects of Christmas. It makes me feel excited. Its just hard not to get into this number. And if you can’t well then you probably have a heart of stone. It’s just…delightful to me.  It’s just cheese and camp and…yeah.

Ahhh! Watch out for the ribbons!

2) Baby It’s Cold Outside from “A Very Glee Christmas” – Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

Yeah. I’m surprised that this isn’t my number one. But we’ll get into this when I reveal my actual number one pick. Now let me be clear.  I haaaaaaaaate Baby It’s Cold Outside in any other form. But this one? I love this one and this one alone. I have no clue. Baby It’s Cold Outside usually makes me feel scuzzy afterward. It’s a very uncomfortable song when you think about it.

But…maybe it’s two men singing it? Maybe it’s instead of making it seen scuzzy they both turn it into something cute and playful? Maybe it’s because this is the exact moment I saw the potential of Klaine? It’s beautiful and simple. The voices of Darren Criss and Chris Colfer blend so very well together. And it’s tender. It sounds like young puppy dog love when you don’t want the person of your affection to leave. At least not right now. It makes the song into something more innocent then it should be but also gives it sexual tension. It’s just a really good duet. It’s probably one of the best duets that glee has done. People remember this one.

Aww Christmas flirting. Now kiss dammit!

So why isn’t it my number one?

Probably because it’s everyone else’s and I have to be different. But I seriously thought this was going to be my number one until I sat down to do this list. However, my number one kind of surprised me and snuck up on me. And I still don’t think I can explain it very clearly but I’ll try my best.

1) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” – Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman

Like I said I’m honestly surprised too.

But then I thought about it.

You have Puck as Han Solo and Finn as Luke Skywalker which is something I never knew I wanted to see until I saw it.

Quick on the draw there eh Finn?

You have Finn Skywalker and Puck Solo at Kurt and Blaine’s Swiss Chalet on Christmas Eve.  Possibly escaping the evils of Darth Vader Sue Sylvester.

And for some odd reason Finn Skywalker and Puck Solo break into their glorious eighties rocker roots by covering Bruce Springsteen’s cover of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town while in full Star Wars costume in a Swiss Chalet with everyone else totally serious about this situation happening and straight faced.

In a black and white Christmas special.


Dude this comes out of no freaking where. It’s just…glorious.

The more I think about the more I realized that some part of me just needed to see something so utterly perposterous in the mound of crap known as “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” and then like a diamond this moment comes shining out.  It’s utterly hilarious. I remember laughing until I couldn’t breathe. It’s just so…amazing. I…yeah.

For the reasons about this is why Santa Claus Is Coming to Town is my number one pick. Nothing beats this set up. Nothing.


Alright that’s the list guys!

From me to you may you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

NEXT ON THE GLEE REWATCH PROJECT: Hm. Maybe another installment of Glee and Social Issues? Or I can do another list. You know I have wanted to try my hand at character retrospectives. I’ll figure something out!

Notes: So what do you guys think? Am I totally insane? Do you agree with me? What is your favorite glee Christmas performance? Let me know!

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2 comments on “The Top Ten Christmas Songs In The Glee Christmas Specials

  1. Mark says:

    I agree with maybe 2 of these. Where the heck is O Holy Night the best vocals on any Christmas song?

    • gleerewatch says:

      It wasn’t in a glee Christmas special? This list wasn’t about Glee Christmas Covers because then my list would have been a lot different. It was about the songs used in Christmas Specials. O Holy Night is a beautiful vocal but wasn’t used in a Christmas Special by Glee so I couldn’t include it on the list based on the parameters I set for myself. The songs in question had to be used in the special.

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