The Top Ten Christmas Songs In The Glee Christmas Specials

Merry Christmas Gleeks!

Look at the season one New Directions!

So how has your Christmas been? You got that (insert gift here) that you wanted? I know I got what I wanted! Though I’m still working on that whole Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Man stuff that I always put on my list every year and people give me strange looks for.

On this Christmas Day though my gentle Gleeks we will be doing a countdown.

Of the Top Ten Christmas Songs in The Glee Christmas Specials!

Okay so basically this list has a two rules: it has to be a song actually IN one of the three Christmas Specials and it has to be about Christmas . Okay?

Also apologies for any grammatical errors since I’m bounding this out so we can have it in time for Christmas (damn food poisoning).

(This spoils ever so slightly up until episode ten of season four “Glee, Actually”. As always this is opinion based!)

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Current Thoughts with Past Perspective: “Glee, Actually”

Hello all!  How is the Christmas season going for you?

Not all of these people are in the episode.

For me? Pretty awesome so far! I got my grades back from college and I did pretty well.  But one thing I really hate is the boredom that sets in post finals rush dies down. Plus unlike most colleges I got a long ass break to get through because of Intersession.

Also sorry this took so long to get up, I’ve been sicker than a dog with food poisoning for the past few days. So sorry it took so long to get my Christmas Extravaganza started. Hopefully I’ll get up a second post tomorrow.

Ugh. I’m going to have to find somethings to keep myself occupied.

But hey! I have my blog now to keep me busy so that is a plus!

So Christmastime is here! Well it’s been here since after Halloween but now for even the most jaded cynics Christmas is here! So wear some holly, find some mistletoe and fight the crowds for last minute shopping!

Or you can watch the glee Christmas episodes.  Now last time I took a retrospective look at season two episode ten “A Very Glee Christmas” and season three episode ten “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”.  Today’s blog is me looking at the latest glee Christmas episode  “Glee, Actually” and decide how it measures up to the past episodes with the same theme.

(And if you guys like it I’ll make it a regular thing. Glee does like to repeat things season to season so I have a nice wealth of past to compare with the present.)

(This contain spoilers for season four episode ten “Glee, Actually” along with some cursing. This is opinion based!)

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Glee Episode Retrospectives: A Very Glee Christmas and Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

(And this will haunt your nightmares tonight. Seriously something about this terrifies me.)

Or well Merry Christmas a couple weeks early! Or happy Hanukkah for those of you of the Jewish faith. Happy Kwanzaa to those who celebrate it. Um there are more holidays around this least I think.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, Happy Holidays people.

But whatever I am totally in the holiday spirit here. My finals are over (for the most part), the third glee Christmas album came out and tonight we get a new glee Christmas special! Tomorrow I’ll be putting up a Christmas tree and dancing around when I should be studying for my Saturday final (which I won’t be because I have just given up).

It is just time to get into the spirit!

Oh heeeey Chewie!!! Why are you here? Um…Happy Life Day?

So I’ll be decking the metaphorical halls of the Internet with Glee Christmas stuff!

We’ll be starting off with a retrospective look at A Very Glee Christmas and Extraordinary Merry Christmas. Then we will be looking at the top 10 to 15 (I haven’t decided yet) glee Christmas songs. We will then give a look at Glee, Actually. Then we will perhaps a list of the top five Christmas related movies that glee should pay tribute too.

So be prepared to be sick of Christmas by the time I am done here!

Now let’s begin with our retrospective look at the Ghosts of Christmas Special Past!

A Very Glee Christmas and Extraordinary Merry Christmas!

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Twenty-Five Songs That The Ladies of New Directions Should Cover

So it’s that time of the year for college students!

It’s time for finals.

If you’re like me then you are probably cursing out all of your professor. You’re spending it hunched over a textbook that you spent over a hundred dollars on but barely opened it during the semester. You stare at your oblivious professors who seem to think their test is the only one you will be taking and give you a term paper due the day of your final. You’re contemplating dropping out and living a life on the road and dear God when was the last time I saw the light of day?

Or you’re just procrastinating on the interwebs (like myself right now so I don’t blame you guys) and you would prefer to finals just blow over and you get at least pass them all.

And if you are also like me, music is your best friend during this turbulent time.

So as most fans of glee tend to do, you hear a song that comes up on your iPod and are like “They should totally cover this song!” and then when they do several months later, you think that perhaps the producers of glee have all of their fans rooms bugged in order to figure out future ideas for the show.

Or that just could be my theory. It’s more likely that the creators of glee may troll the internet. So in case of that somewhat likely event, many people have done a list like mine.

A list of songs they would want glee to cover.

However, I noticed that the lists are usually for the whole cast: male, female, and group numbers all meshed up together.

Also this is in no real particular order so yeah don’t take the ordering seriously.

I, however, have to naturally complicate this.

So I will be doing a series lists for the following:
1) ND girls (former and current minus Rachel)
2) ND boys (former and current minus Kurt)
3) ND group, adults (all inclusive)
4) show choir competition (Vocal Adrenaline, Warblers, etc)
5) New York (Kurt, Rachel, Brody, Cassie July, Isabelle Wright).

And since ladies do go first then let us look at the twenty-five songs that I want the ladies of New Directions to do (Unique is included in this because she identifies herself as female).

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The Third Show Choir in Glee: An Appreciation

Okay so this post was originally supposed to be a retrospective on Sectionals in the past seasons and compare it to the current episode of season four. 

However when I sat down to write it…it wasn’t going all that well. Mainly because Sectionals in season four has taken a backseat. 

Plus you know the cliffhanger.

I feel like I can’t write anything if I don’t know the outcome of it at least in a comparison/contrast of the Sectionals competitions/outcomes.

Also it may sound cliche but I wasn’t very inspired to write a retrospective on Sectionals many because I have to put a lot of sincere and genuine thought into it and well…

I have a major paper, two projects, and five final exams to study for coming up for college that are due/coming in about a week. At this time all of those sincere and genuine thoughts? They’re going to those endeavors.

So I will do a Sectionals retrospective just not at this time. Maybe when glee goes on hiatus, I’ll do a look back on Sectionals because I do want to do it. 

The timing just really sucks for me right now.

Also until December fifteenth? Updates are going to be slow coming.

Now enough of that serious stuff I do have something I would like to talk with you all about today!

The third show choir in competitions.

AKA the comedy goldmine.

(I would say contains spoilers but when the video is on YouTube I don’t consider it to be a spoiler anymore.)

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